Make RSO from marijuana


An inquiry from a fellow grower:

Is this the right method:

  1. Lights - around 250w per plant
  2. Keep lights at least 18h on, but for how many days?
  3. Induce flowering at half size of plant (50cm for white widow?).
  4. After flowering stage (how many days?), then harvest it (basically cut or take the plant out of the pot?)
  5. Dry the plant (can it be done just by drying at room temperature?) and leave only buds?
  6. Take dried buds and boil with alcohol (like everclear) to make Rick Simpson’s oil (same process as hash oil?

  1. Light is more about square footage or square meter that per plant, but if you plan each plant to be a certain size then yes.

    1. and 4. You kinda answered your own question, when the plant is about half as big as you want it to be, you keep it on 18 hours per day until this size is reached, because when you switch to the 12 hours or more of uninterrupted darkness to begin flowering the plant will continue to grow at least another 1/3rd its total size. You flower until it is ripe, until all the trichomes are at least milky white with maybe just a few amber. You’ll need a 40-60 times magnifier, jeweler’s loupe/hand held microscope to see the little crystal trichomes up close. Size is about how high the plant can grow mostly, you don’t want it outgrowing its room or growing into the lights and the lights can’t be raised higher as the light will likely burn the plant or any parts that grow beyond and can’t get enough light will die.

You are asking the whole process in one letter? There are whole books just on the growing process not including the curing to processing to RSO. But in general you do have it listed correctly.

Have you read the book, it’s free?

And here is a link about drying/curing:

I don’t think it necessarily has to be cured or dry to make RSO.
There are ton’s of guides on you tube on boiling the cannabis in alcohol. Be careful! It can be very dangerous as alcohol is so flammable.


I do believe the plant matter needs to be totally dry. At least I know it does for Honey Oil; Extracted by quintuple refined butane. Also; Very dangerous.

Good Luck. Do not blow yourself up. I also advise doing this outside in a well ventilated area.


You can make qwiso, of all the plant matter fresh frozen and get about the same cannabinoid percentage back in weight after the first extraction. Second extraction will give a more oil like potency and more weight as it’s about three times impurer than the first but still more potent then most keif. With The second extraction I would recommend izolitiation for that batch and chemically speed up the curing process and also changeling the product on a molecular level where thc-9 envolves to a more potent binding aswell as one of the cannabinoids turns into mimic the thc-9 binding. Make ISO of all your weed, much more healthier than inhaling plant matter. You can with qwiso wash it enough to make medical grade potency of your strain.