Make my stems thicker autos

What nutrient can I use to make my stems go thicker I use canna a b coco 2 ml each a litre and cal mag and root excel and I have a fan blowing direct on them oscillating there 2 half weeks old

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Some silica might help.

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Liquid time.

What’s that am in uk never heard of it

You want your roots to get bigger. Try adding some microbes to your soil. They will help your root zone grow and thrive. Real Grower’s Recharge is a good one. AN’s Root Trio. Basically, any microbial product meant to boost roots in a soil/soilless medium.

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Am using a rooting nutrient house garden root excel but I’ll have look them what brand r they am in uk and am in coco

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Mine were thin until it hit about 4 weeks old then boom tree trunk

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Liquid for feed and time to grow.

Ye cool think gonna try some silica now read a few good things about

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I’ve had great results with Armour Si (which is silica in some form). I also use Canna A and B plus the Armour Si and that’s been it. It grows trees lol.


@lastgasp2 General Hydroponics. And it’s not too pricey either.

How long u been using that for u been growing long

[quote=“lastgasp2, post:13, topic:32099”]
How long u been using that for u been growing
[/quote]How long u been using that for u been growing

If your planning on training you plant then adding silica to stiffen your branches is counterproductive. Unless your just letting them go how they please.