Make Dab without Risk of explosion

So I thought I would share what I read in new high times mag,it’s called the Rosin technique,you need a hair iron,parchment paper and buds.set hair iron to medium low and put a bud in the parchment paper,squeeze hard for a few seconds then collect the squeezed out resin.
it says “think this is a gimmick,think again:several pioneers of the technique have been able to produce sizable quantities of concentrate using a shirt press or some other industrial heat press.and some have even placed in High Times Cannabis Cups with Rosin-tech dabs.excellent examples of the technique can be seen by go ogling #rosintech

Sounds like a big mess to me LOL

Nope sure aint,comes right off the parchment paper like it’s supposed to. I tryed it after I posted this and it quite easy and results were great.

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That’s great Cash, thanks for the info. I’ve seen lots of different techniques on YouTube but have never heard of this one. Do you know how well it works on trim? I suppose it would be about the same. Also wondering about the left overs. I’m thinking about edibles. I can’t see a person getting all the trichs out this way so maybe canna butter or something else. But my concern is you already heated up the cannabis would that make a difference in the end product. I’ll have to try this out to see. Thanks man.

No I don’t know about the trimmings.I just read the article last night and tryed with a 1 gram nug today after I posted the thread,I would say it’s a good technique if you just wanna a little bit without it taking hours to make or risk of death lol

I try this with some strawberry Kush and I couldn’t get anything out of it except a horrible smell I used a flat iron for hair