Make butter with my clippings? What do you store the clippings in?


I want to make some edibles. Something simple, something tasty. Are there any good recipes out there?

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I freeze mine immediately.
I decarb/dry them before adding to butter. So far zero complaints.

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Froze mine as soon as i was done with the trim sugar leaves larf etc. Just seen a gummie thing definitely do the decarboxylation without that your beating a dead :racehorse: just finished my first batch went with coconut infused oil. WOW they are amazing


I came across this site a while ago. I haven’t made any of the recipes yet but they do look good.:sunglasses:


How do you decarboxylate marijuana clippings?


Instead of trying to explain it & leaving something out best check out these links re decarboxylation.

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