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My first grow, Amnesia Haze auto flower. It is the beginning of the sixth week and flowering has begun. This, of course, is my first attempt at LST. The focus of LST was to help the beginning buds obtain the maximum amount of light from my one light. The stems were quite flexible and there was no damage in the process. Some of the stems are pointed towards the tent wall; is this too low? Will the buds “change direction” and grow back towards the light source? How long should the LST process continue? Is there a point that I remove the pipe cleaners? Thanks for being there, folks!


All looks good, a little at a time so the plant doesn’t decide to stall on you. Plant should fill in some as well.


Does “stall” mean it slows down its growing? Does that affect bud growth?

Yes. Not a good thing with autos.

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Might be a little late for lst, next time start before they flower

i bend the main stem and leave it tied down then let the lower branches catch up

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Yeah, I tied down the branches not the main stem. Holy cow…on the positive side the branches with the buds have made a ninety degree turn back towards the light! Amazing plant! Hope I haven’t created a bigger problem for myself though. “This” is my learning experience. (Big sigh!)


Thanks for the feedback. Shoot, I sure hope this plant has the ability to overcome my novice inability! BTW, on the recommendation of “Covertgrower” (I think that is his moniker) I have been adding nutrients to the watering regimen. About 30% of what the FF schedule called for at this stage. This plant is in FFOF…should any increase to nutrient additives be considered provided it recovers from the “late” LST I inflicted on it?

How long do you let it stay in lst?



Nice!!! You don’t give them breaks in between the lst?

Also when should the training start? Currently at the beginning of week 2

Wow! That looks beautiful!

For sure set to watching now!

You can adjust your LST as the plant grows, but as long as you don’t get too rough with it, it doesn’t really stress them enough for them to need a break.


Thanks for the info


Once you tie it down you don’t move it , let the lower bud sites grow to the same height as the main( it will turn back up to light, its all where you tie off to the stem)

the object is to get a even canopy


But are you leaving the main as is? Or does that does tied down as well

Try to understand the principal behind LST and work from there. @Tinman mentioned objective being an even canopy. Along with the the reasoning that is if most of the plants are allowed to grow normal with no training you will end up with really tall plants in some cases. Also, you’re moving stuff out of the way for budsites that might normally not give much flower, if any at all, due to the lack of a key source of growth, light💡


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