Make a lighting change

So, if I want to make a change from hps to led or cob light what would you recommend? I’m currently growing in a 5x5 tent, 2 girls with 600 watt hps/mh

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Are you thinking of building your own or just want a recommendation one a plug and play led.

Just want to plug and play, may want to do 3 plants at some point

What’s the reason for wanting to change your lighting?

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More coverage, 600 watt doesn’t seem big enough for a 5x5 area and power consumption

It’s not really. Timber makes a solid rail, one on each side of a 600 would probably blow a 5x5 up. Or doing the same thing with two xl quantum board kits.

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Roleadro has s nice 300w cob that pulls 140w at the wall for$70. You could put 3-4 in there and have more coverage

If you have the money advanced leds xlms diamonds are the best. If you don’t mars hydro are pretty good. Even viaspectrsas are very good.

@dbrn32 has a good idea: why not add to your existing setup? If you want to make the switch look at a Quantum Board with appropriate coverage. I’m doing something similar which lends itself to my preferred method of SCROG’ing.


Here’s something to consider, because I agree that the particular light you mentioned is probably better than a lot of them out there.

The xml was a cutting edge diode when it was released, around 2010. Since then it’s been replaced by the xm-l2, which offered around 30% increase in efficacy in 2014. The current line of cobs offer up to another 30% increase from them, at a lower cost. So while I agree it’s a solid light, you can do way better for the money. Simply by using more modern tech.

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Ok I’ll have to look into those. I heard of them from the site but don’t know much about them. This advanced xlm I have cost 500$ but only uses 132 watts and you can see the difference with the results

Maybe I should look at adding the side lighting, is it ok to mix hps/mh with led?

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I would imagine so or maybe you can do 2 250 watt hps. Hps is better than leds but adding a couple of 300 watt leds for side lighting sounds good

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I would disagree that hps is better than leds. Like I said, comparing 10 year old led tech maybe. But even those xlm’s Would hold their own watt for watt in the right color temp.

$500 for 132 watts of 100 lumen per watt efficacy is ridiculous by today’s standard. This light is 300 watts 160 lumens per watt and probably has a higher rqe light spectrum.

In layman’s terms, probably three times the light output and a better spectrum for $559. That being said, you still have a pretty good light. So imagine how those numbers stack up against a not so good light.

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I was just looking on Amazon for Cobb lights but nothing is really coming up so I’ll try that website on your picture. Thanks

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Amazon not a great place to look. It’s kind of a niche market, and most of those companies are small. The fees associated with amazon sales would likely just have to be redirected to us as the consumer.

Timber has some really nice offerings, horticulture lighting group probably worth checking out too. Most of their lights are available via growerslights dot com.

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Using a big aluminum frame, you could still run your MH or HPS light fixture in the middle and have all the cobs around it. You might need to build a custom frame to do that. It’s just 3/4" angle aluminum you can buy anyplace. Cut it with a hacksaw, drill some holes to bolt it all together and it’s ready for COBs on pin heat sinks. RapidLED has some nice ones with everything you need: COBs, heat sinks, reflectors, drivers.

25 square feet is pretty big. You need about 1250 watts to light it up for flower. Or maybe you don’t want to grow that much? If you just cut it down to a 12 square foot area with white-painted cardboard, you could just run with the existing HID setup and get good buds. The idea is to keep all the light in a smaller area to make it more intense.

Thats a great idea, I really like the room, I’m not crowded, neither are my girls

Thank you for the info, more thinking ahead of me