Major OOPS! with lighting cycle please advise


Okay, this is embarrassing but here goes; I entered my grow room a few minutes ago (about 5 minutes before timer would kick 1000w hps on) and was shocked to find room dimly lit with 75 watt incandescent bulb I apparently left on when I closed up room for “sleep” time. I have six gelato’s from clones at just over 2 weeks in veg that have now had a full dark cycle interrupted and have no Idea how this might affect or what to do to minimize possible damage??? I’ve been growing for some time now and am familiar with light leak issues but never at this level. As plants are still in very early veg I’m hoping repercussions for stupidity will be minimal. Any ideas on best way to proceed would be greatly appreciated Thanks


It’s mostly important to have uninterrupted darkness in flower. You can veg under 24hr of light. You should be fine.


I agree with @Bobbydigital, shouldn’t be a problem. It’s most critical during flowering. And welcome to ILGM! :v:

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Thanks! Yeah now that I’ve recovered from initial shock/panic not a big deal at this stage, but if at flower YIKES! Think I’ll put some tape over the light switch to Idiot proof. Thanks again


I just did the same thing today. Left my picture taking LED on. Mine are on 6on/2off lighting schedule so it just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what light they get in veg as long as they don’t get 12hr darkness.

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They have you set, no big deal at all in veg.