Major Mistake - Can you Help?

I am 4 weeks into my first grow. Things are going pretty well with the help of this community. But my recent issue is really stupid on my part. I bought my seeds from a website that I did not mark. The payment went to an unidentified 3rd party LLC. I know my strain was AK47, and they were feminized. That’s all I know. I don’t have a clue if they are autoflower or not. The few things I have read it seems like it does make a difference. What can I / should I do? Please help.

Nothing you can do. You’ll know soon enough as autos will start to flower on their own, without having to change to a 12/12 light cycle.


Do you have the confirmation or order email?

without website address, you can only wait till the Ladies show you. easy to tell.

90% chance they’re photos the market is a lot less saturated with autos but look at the email you used to order the seeds chances are there was a order confirmation even if you went through 3rd party payment service

I just have ■■■■■■ order and transaction number. Tried reaching out to ■■■■■■ and they can’t give me website where I purchased. And I don’t save search history. How do I know if /and when to change my grow?

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Well the good thing is none of this really matters! :upside_down_face: If it’s an auto it will happen when it happens, but you can just flip the lights whenever you feel like it’s time either way… So let’s say the plant gets to 6 nodes and you think “oh man if I flip my lights now and it has the potential to grow 2 or 3 times it’s current height, that would be the perfect height”, then flip the lights to 12/12. If nothing happens, they are autos and you can’t control it.

Also, when you get the seeds, it might say on the packaging.


I like @Dankloud answer. When you see you’re getting close to capacity of your space, if they haven’t started with the pistils themselves, change the lights.

You’ll have other things to stress about. Relax for now, this “issue” you won’t even think if as an issue.


Thanks for your help. I’m glad this won’t be a problem. It’s been fun so far watching them grow. Watching your grandkids (2 and 4) grow up is so much fun, and so is this! Currently using an oscillating fan on a table. May have to switch to a clip on. Any suggestions?

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Are you in a tent? How big is your grow space? Need a little more info to give the best advice.

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Indoors a 4 x 4 grow tent Currently lights are on for 16 off 8 Performing low stress training bangs are doing well

4 weeks in and if they are not showing “some” pistils yet, I would say you have photos there. Like @Dankloud said when they fill 1/3 to 1/2 available space(remember to leave room for lights, exhaust etc.), flip to 12/12.

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You can always clone a cutting and try to flip it too. This is also common practice for early detection of males, instead of feeding them to find out later.

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