Major issues with the autoflower seeds... Help!

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“So I’m having major issues with the autoflower seeds I’ve ordered from you. I started 3 like I always do in water. I then got them to sprout under a couple vivosun fluorescents and then put them under my 3, 300 watt lights and they grew to about 6-7 inches and started flowering. Threw those away and started again. This time just using one of the lights on a 18/6 Schedule and it’s not growing. It’s just super stagnant. My first batch of seeds I got from u were just demonized, can’t remember which strain but they were awesome. Am I doing something wrong with these autoflower? Can I switch them out possibly?? Help. What would recommend for these blueberry autoflower then? Summer outdoors??”

Auto flowering plants flower on a schedule usually at about the one month timeframe independent of the amount of lighting they get. Autoflowering plants need to be grown differently so that they obtain maximum growth during the month of veg. Too bad you threw the first batch away. Sounds like they would have produced some for you. Why don’t you join the forum so we can help you through the process!


Is there a reason you threw them away?


I was wondering why you threw them out also especially if the where growing and you saud flowering ???
@bob31 made good points are these your first auto seeds?
good advice on joining forum so we can help bob