Maintaining pH in hard water

Hey guys, so the water in my foset is REAL hard… I’ve brought a pump with air stones which I keep 3air stones in the water for 24hrs to remove as much chlorine/fluoride as I can and correct with pH up or down after the 24hrs. I then I leave it to sit for a while then go back re test the pH but it’s ALL WAYS gone higher that I originally left it once corrected??? RO isn’t an option for me YET… Do water purifier tablets work?

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Distilled water is going to be best, RO Next, The Pure water filter will help out but will need to be changed a lot. RO would be cheaper in the long run.

Water here is very loaded with run off chemicals and other hard water stuff. I also let water sit for a day to off gas the additives. I add nutes and such, then, adjust the PH.
Checking it daily gives me the control to keep PH in bounds. Running 5 gallon bubbler buckets, buying distilled water is not a viable option. Too expensive.
I have to work with what is available and keeping the PH where it should be is a daily attention getter. PH will change as plants suck up nutes and temp changes will also affect PH. IF I let it go for a week, PH gets waaaay out of bounds.
Kind of like babysitting a 2 year old child…have to constantly watch or bad things happen.

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Same hear tanlover, I’m having to constantly check and recheck my pH… I first use a BRITA filter, then let sit in a bucket for 24with the airstones in… I then add nutes and pH correct and alowe to sit a further 12 hrs but when I go back my pH is ALWAYS out even thou previously pH corrected??? Have you tried the water purifying tablets before???

And during that 24 hours there is evaporation which concentrates the chalk in the water which raises the pH. Add in the nutes being concentrated further thanks to evaporation and everything goes out of kilter.

Options? Recorrect as necessary after “settling”, or add the nutes and correct the pH AFTER you have left the water to evaporate off any chlorines, etc, then make sure it’s in a closed container to prevent further evaporation if you don’t use it all in one hit.

Bigger reservoir will minimize ph swings. I have south Texas water full of calcium and lime, ph 7. 27 gal res, once set at 5.8 will only move when I add nutes