Maintain temperature

A question from a fellow grower:

I am writing to ask how to maintain the high temp of 29degrees celcius in my temp using the latest LED lights made by Black Dog
If I switch the exhaust fan on the temp drops fast
I am worried about making sure the fresh air comes in without loosing the temp

You have to regulate it somehow . Can you control the exhaust fan speed to low , medium , or high by chance or it just on and off full blast ? You need to get more air moving to keep up with the air being sucked out by venting , figure out your light height , which should be about 28-26 inches with strong led if not closer , unless you in late flower and lights are in full spectrum close to the top of tent . But a 6 inch duct fan at the bottom and exhaust from the top should work , or you can vent the bottom and bring fresh air from the top and that might help also , but if it’s under 92 degrees you should be ok.