Mainlining to 16. Dinafem Purple Orange cbd/ Dinamed cbd plus

Personally I am loving it. I am learning more about these two strains in this grow than my two previous grows. Is is also very cool to notice hormonal pathways quickly change and these tiny branches thicken up so fast. At first I wanted to try mainlining to personally test yield and quality against lst and scrog. But this feels more like creating art and is very enjoyable as a hobby. I might just stick to mainlining for a while. It is definitely not efficient, not at all. But I am having the most fun growing while practising it.


@fano_man also if I’m seeing things correctly then this is your mainline plants yes?

If I am seeing things right this looks more like a top and tie method. Mainline is the idea of keeping all lines from the main stem as even as possible to distribute nutrients, carbs, hormones etc to every part of the plant. What I’m seeing in that picture is four stems connected to the main? It needs to be only two lines from the main.


Day 31: I have lost the broken stem off the purple orange plant.

Lesson learned, I will now wait a couple of days after cutting to begin tie downs… I am going to try and jack up the right side and see where it goes. I have cut the right side at the second node and have taken the tie off in hopes that it will redirect vertically.

This one will be an interesting finish!

Dinamed cbd plus still looking like she should. Will cut at the third node on each side when she is ready.


It’s also feeding day. I’m going to bump them up to 3/4 strength this feed. I know it sounds like a lot but these plants both with a 60% Sativa dominance tend to get very hungry around this point of life…

Tap water: ph: 7.18 ppm: 143

After Nutrients: ph: 6.11 ppm: 998 (yes I know, very high!) 885ppm coming from nutrients

After ph down: ph: 5.83 ppm: 1014… 16ppm from ph down


To try and avoid breaks in the future then first massage the area of the stem your attempting to bend.

By alternating between massaging and bending you should be able avoid breaks


I always thought this guy did a great job on his very first main line A.K.A.- fluxing

Should be some good reading for you


What a beautiful and impressive mainline. Although it won’t be the exact route I am taking I will definitely want to try this style next. His results are what i am hoping to achieve. Short, even, and bigger colas.

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Actually that’s a fim got a perfect 4 peice top this is the life of the mainline …from clone now not a seed mainline where you can get true symmetry but I think I did a good job of making a clone grow like that

this was the second main line I had going simultaneously that took a spill and I literally lost the entire other side of the plant only half lined lol you can see the scar where the other half was

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My mistake! I’m sure you learned a lot about those plants in the journey though

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That was my second grow quite comical when I look back land lord stumbled on my shed grow and eventually got evicted over the shit when the building sold nosy new maintenance dude snitched me out got the shed plants to my boys asap and put 3 secrets dead bolts on my front door incase he wanted to enter when I wasent home cuz I had the whole 5xt closet lit up lololol

still going while all these got found and moved over here outside and that’s the day they began flower almost exactly a year ago lol I push stuff to limit sometimes lol


I designated that whole period of growing to learning aand experimenting and seeing what’s worth it and what’s not what I can do and what’s worth doing … mainline are cool if u got alot of money to buy weed while your plants grow cuz all that topping and tried ing takes a hot minute and not to mention ALOT of extra mainenence… that was before I was even bothering to check ph lol so I learned alot then but I learned even more between the time that grow finished up and the next time I dropped beans cuz during the move I lost momentum and eventually was plantless seedless cloneless and weedless and was months before I got my hands back on seeds which are the seed that started this whole grow then I got so many seeds I didnt know what to do with em…all i know anytime u drop a seed ur in for a long haul imo… I’m into this cloning i got the space for alot of small plants so that’s y my style has changed i want quality and in a quick turnaround

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Thanks for the compliments @TDubWilly. I credit my success to much research and lots of help from the forum.


Day 35:
Dinamed cbd plus is doing great, growing nicely showing no signs of too much stress.

She has now been topped again at the third node of both ends. Cleaned up everything else on the girl except for the last two fan leaves.

My purple orange doesn’t want to play nice… I am learning just how brittle these girls can be. Before I bent the new branches I lightly massaged them. The one branch seemed a lot more pliable after and tied down easy, the next branch decided to snap before even bending. There was no saving her…

I am left with a Frankenstein plant… This girl just doesn’t want to mainline so I am going to leave her for a while to grow and maybe tie down gently as she gets older… it will be interesting to see what she turns into…

Luckily I took a clone from her when I first topped. She is starting to root, maybe I’ll get a little more bud out of her if she grows in time…
image image


That’s exactly what happened to this

you can see the scar that was the whole other half the mainline and I know your supposed to do it from seed to get more symmetry once the plant becomes mature the nodes began to come out staggered instead of opposite on another allowing for perfect manifolding but you can make it work with a clone especially that one seems like it’s still immature and you’ll be able to get her going like a seed… also…3rd pic down did you remove all the nodes and shoots between the top or did the side branches just not grow yet or are you doing a true mainline where you “Y” the plant the “Y” each side and then “Y” both branches coming out the top like this this a true main line where all branches get the same amount of auxin flownthere are no branches lower then another its splits those split and those splits split for a total of 8 minimum u can go one more time or go up one more node and top again for 16 but just remember every topping your distributing energy really dividing it that’s a true manifold theres a few ways to cheat a top or 2


Day 38:
I’m going to plant the clone right into promix hp and water with 5.84ph

The two girls, stopped with the attempts of topping and bending and tying and just letting her grow for a while

Dinamed cbd plus tied down at all for new tops.


Day 54: positive changes and growth.

I have been very busy and haven’t been able to post anything for a while but I am pretty happy with the way things are going. All three plants are now feeding at full strength nutes.

Dinamed cbd plus: she has been so easy to mainline. No matter how rough I am with this plant it always recovers quickly. I now have 8 mains growing. One more chop to 16 then I will be throwing the net up for all the girls and flipping to flower.

Purple orange cbd: I have been doing a lot of tying down and lst to keep her from growing out of control. She is a whole new plant from the chopped up mess I had going before. I’m sure she will finish very strong.

Purple orange cbd clone: she has been in a 3 gallon pot for almost 2 weeks now and needs to be up potted to 5 gallons but I won’t have time until mid next week… I topped her and plan to do some lst once she has been transferred.

Temp is kept at about 24 Celsius with a humidity of about 55%. These girls seem very happy with those numbers. That’s all for now! Happy growing


Allot of good looking plants there!!


Thank you sir! These girls grow much healthier and faster in the promix hp than they did in fox farm ocean forrest.

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Day 82… or something like that…

This time of year has become so busy I haven’t been able to post anything or even watch any other grow logs… I have a lot of catching up to do on everyone’s plants!

So this is where I am today. The two purple orange plants basically went right into flower over night when I switched to 12/12… it’s been about a week and a half. They’re being fed 3/4 strength of their base nutrients along with 2 ml per litre of bud candy (carbs). They seem to love the extra carbs!

The dinamed cbd plus finally made it to 16… I got lazy in the end and stopped tying down, now they’re all netted… from the difference in the plants I don’t think I will be mainlining again… She is just now starting to show signs of flower so the feeding is at 1/2 strength nutes and 2 ml per litre of bud candy.

The canopy is at about 2 1/2 feet tall from the ground… nice and short for my tiny tent!

Happy growing!!


F N A brother, looks great! Looks like you pretty much covered every square inch of your grow space

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