Mainlining to 16. Dinafem Purple Orange cbd/ Dinamed cbd plus

Hello all!

I believe the title speaks for itself so I am going to jump right into things. I am already about 18 days out from these babies sprouting.
First off my equipment:

My tent is a 2x4 tent standing approx 5 1/2 feet high. It has been completely sterilized from head to toe. Inside and connected to my powerbar is a 4” intake fan, a small clip fan, and a floor fan. I also have a charcoal filter attached to an outgoing fan with 6” ducting. Once the grow begins I will introduce a temp controlled space heater and small humidifier.

My lights (for now) are two 300watt Viparspectras. These lights are decent for veging and with the right feed and care can grow pretty decent flowers.

These are what the lights can produce with the right amount of love. The only problem I have with these lights is that they produce airy flowers and are nowhere near as dense as I would like to grow. I am hoping (fingers crossed!) that I will be able to afford a quantum board for my next flower stage…

For my medium I will be growing in Promix hp. Once seeds were germinated they were popped into solo cups with the promix and watered very gently with 5.8ph tap water.

After they grow out of their solo cups I will be transfering them into 3 gallon fabric pots and then lastly into 5 gallon fabric pots.

My base nutrients are MICRO GROW BLOOM ph perfect from advanced nutrients. I will also be using a big bud booster in flower and a flawless finish for the final flush. I may buy more boosters in the future for these girls.

My two plants are from Dinafem. I love this company and swear by their seeds. I have always had strong resilient plants that produce great yields. I will be growing one Purple Orange cbd and one Dinamed cbd plus.

My ultimate goal is to mainline these two girls into 16 colas each, set up a scrog net to support and flip the lights.

I wish for this grow journal to be as much a learning experience for myself as it is for anyone reading. I very much encourage everyone to leave any tips, tricks or opinions that they have along the way. I am just as excited to learn from you guys as I am to grow and log my girls. Let’s get this party started!!

A big thanks to @TDubWilly for the warm welcome to this forum and encouragement to bring my journal here.:call_me_hand:


I’m a Viparspectra fan so I know what they can do. But I upgraded to two HLG 260xl Rspec kits. A huge difference for sure.

I got when it was all said and done on my Blue Dream 3.32oz completely dry and this was with just 1 PAR600 Light si under performance for 2 plants at the same time.

Good luck with this ambitious grow. :+1:


Thank you sir! I believe these lights are much better than most people give them credit for but I need more out of my lights in the long run. I know 16 colas each sounds quite ambitious but I’m always up for a challenge! I’m sure this grow will test my patience.


These seeds started in separate glasses filled with water that was ph’d to 6.3. They sat there for approx 24 hours before being poured into power towel.

I poured about half of the water in each glass down the sink and poured the rest onto set paper towels, placed each seed on one set and folded them into their first homes. They were then covered with plates and set on a heating mat until their tap roots showed.


Great start and you can grow good weed with Vipars: @Not2SureYet uses them and I’ve seen and smoked the results. QB’s are more efficient but the plants can only take in so much light (correct spectrum).

If it were me I’d just dump em right into 5’s or better yet: 7’s, but you are in a 2 X 4 which is going to be cramped for two plants. PH perfect should be used with straight R/O IIRC so plan accordingly. Good luck and tag me in if you have questions.


Alright! Now that we have some tap roots it is time for their second home!

They are placed in solo cups filled with promix hp lightly watered with water ph’d to 5.8.

Now into the tent! They are kept on the heating mat for time being and each have a 2 litre coke bottle dome over them for humidity.

The space heater and small humidifier have been put into the tent aswell. I aim to keep the temperature are 26 Celsius and spray the dome twice a day.


I had good luck with my Vipar. Only complaint I have about it that it is extremely hot. My QB’s run cooler.


@Myfriendis410 I have been using tap water with my nutrients and always seem to have to add ph down to it to reach a decent ph…


Little sprouts

Getting bigger… I was definitely over spraying them and the temp dropped low on night when my heater failed.

Getting bigger. You can see the stress they went through on that cold night… the Purple orange is growing much faster and stronger than the dinamed cbd plus.


Starting to recover well


Finally day 18

They have been getting a 1/4 strength feeding about every 3-4 days now only when the promix dries up. More updates soon!


There you go. You might look into introducing R/O to your grow. I bought the ‘R/O Buddie’ which has been in constant use for over 18 months and can’t remember using tap. You have much more control along with targeted nutes in your TDS.


Unfortunately my budget for growing at the moment is very slim. Over time I do plan on buying things that will improve my grow, and efficiency. After this grow I will have to find more cost effective nutrients aswell.


I didn’t buy RO either because I realised it needs replaced after so much use and i didn’t know where i would put it for stealth reasons. My room has no running water. I’m finally using my tap again after my first because i didn’t understand the nute game. Thought it was my water it wasn’t it was


Setup looks great, and you are tracking and recording your data very well. I’m actually running a Viparspectra TC 1200 in tandem with an HLG QB 260 XL rspec. Vips are decent lights, a lot better than most blurples. Plants look good underneath both lights, but seem to be stacking up better under the HLGs. Happy growing!


Nice start to your journal. It’s seems Dave is here now!

I would agree to skip the 3 gallon and go direct to 5 or 7.

Good luck!


We have a dispensing machine in town. I buy RO at $1 for 5 gallons.


I wish I could find a place like that then I would test it out. Two plants side by side: one with r/o and another with tap water.

@Myfriendis410, @AAA would I not benefit from creating a thicker root zone by going 3, gallon, 5 gallon, 7 gallon? I would love to hear your reasons for going straight to 5 or even 7. I’m definitely willing to do that if it really is the better way to go.


@MrPeat although I have nothing to compare them to I find these 300 watt lights actually keep at a decent temperature, not too hot at all for my tent! I would like to have next to zero heat coming from my light and I hear that’s what you get with quantum boards.

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