Mainlining purple indica strain 16 main colas

First grow
Mainlining 16 main colas
Strain don’t know but it’s a purple indica strain.
I have 600w Mars hydro grow light.
regular pot soil mix.
Pot size look’s like a 8 gallon.
Feeding it fox farm Trio and using
Xtreme gardening products
Mykos, Mykos wp, Azos, Cal carb
Also using Mammoth P
I put vitamin c in the water to remove chlorine, chloramine.
I ph water at 6.5
Custom home made 5×10 grow tent.

Day 8

Day 14

Day 17

Day 21, trim Leafs, toped and tie down

Day 29, wait till the 3rd segment and let it grow

Day 31, Trim big fan leafs and toped so you have 4 branches

Day 38, Tie down 4 branches and toped so you have 8 branches

Day 40, tie down 8 branches

Day 43, trim leafs, toped so you have 16 branches and tie Leafs out of the way

Day 49

Day 52, trim leafs, tie the rest of the branches by this point she has 16 mine branches

Day 59, plant is now 12" tall, trim leafs and switched to flower mode

Day 68, First day of flower and trimmed leafs. shes 16" tall now and growing a couple of small branches on every main branch

Also noticed the stem seems to be tearing but it’s just the skin just because it’s getting thick


Nicely done :clap:…can’t wait to see the final result. I’ll be watching :+1:

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Next time when you top, leave 1/2 inch of stem above your two branches

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I left a lil more than 1/4 of an inch it sucked it all up when it got thick

I just looked up your light. It pulls 200w from the wall and penetration is not the best so I personally wouldn’t let the colas get longer than 8-10 inches

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Great job man. I’m a beginner so I’m set to watch the results. Happy growing growmie!:blush:

That’s educational watching the day, by day flow of your grow for someone like myself just getting into it. Thanks for sharing!

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Welcome Miguel, that is one nice plant you got going there, I’ve always liked that technique looking forward to seeing her grow some more. How many nodes did she have when you topped her, just curious.
Good luck w her :wink:

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Welcome to the forum and best of luck with your grow!

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5 top on 3rd

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Cool! Thanks man, she looks great! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice Plant @Miguel817 … I started to Mainline one of My Plants… Yours Looks Good… Welcome to the Party Pal

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Excellent progress so far. Textbook ‘mainlining’. Set to watching and learning. And welcome to ILGM @Miguel817


Day 74, Seventh day in flower and 18" tall, removed all ties


Day 82, fifteenth day in flower and 21" tall,
23" wide. a light trim, Hairs turning pink

This pic is under led grow light

This pic is just flash from camera


Nice bro.

Looking good! Mainlining takes sooo much patience. I always quit between topping 2-3 :joy:

Day 89, Twenty-seconded day in flower, 22" tall flower and leafs getting frosty

This pic is under led grow light just like how it looks

Pic taken with only flash from camera


Got close ups pic of sugar leaf’s with jewelers loupe and phone zoom

Under led grow light phone zoom

Phone zoom and jewelers loupe

Flash from camera phone zoom, trichomes are clear flash makes them look cloudy

Phone zoom and jewelers loupe


Day 96, twenty-nineth day of flower, buds getting thicker smells kicking in smells sweet like Fruity Pebbles. This pic flash from camera