Mainlining/manifolding of clones

This here I will be aiming to have 12-16 main colas. I trained this clone before I did the cutting. Trying different things. But notice the main manifold having two main thrunks.

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That looks awesome, and 12 to 16 main colas sounds pretty great too. I topped my clone once I took it, I think it’s best to do it as far down as you can. I’m a newbie though. That right there is almost like having two plants, and then if you keep topping and train some you could probably have a ton of colas per plants.

Right where you have them tied at , squeeze them until you feel a lil snap right in the knuckle , don’t snap it , just squeeze it and feel a snap and the clear liquid that will come out is just water , but after that in about 2-5 days the plant will re- direct the energy to fix itself , but when you top it next , the stalk will grow massive , I think it’s call super scrogging ?

I’m not super cropping them. I am training them to grow a certain way. It’s called creating a manifold. It’s an excellent way to do a scrog. I’ve done super cropping, but this method I’m doing here is different. I will keep posting updates of them.

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Isn’t super cropping just techniques to get the largest harvest you can? What strain is that? I like the big fat leaves.

Chappy … thanks for posting the picture. I may try that on one of my outdoor plants.

This is a practice I’ve always used for my outdoor plants… And newtothus. Super cropping involves breaking your branches so they knuckle up and they grow extra colas up.

Yeah I did the squeeze technique , and from topping I had 2 colas break out , now after scrogging with squeezing I have 8 , did LST ah few days and do to the intensity of the light , still had good penetration to the shaded areas , but tied them down anyway , and had to trim going into flower because it took off tremendously , thought I would not have enough room for the 4 sea of green plants to get any light from the big one . But maybe I can construct a way to scrogging with a screen with the next grow , but instead of experimenting , I’ll just plant 2 and see what happens . Never thought the clones would grow , because I had no experience with cloning , he’ll I was having a hard time trying to correct magnesium issues and iron and calcium defiencies , but they grew and I was unprepared and don’t have enough space to train them properly . But if this strategy works it’s considered Chappy , keep us inform , but don’t over do it , don’t want the forum over loaded !!!

Yoshi what do you mean if the strategy works?it does work and has proven to give a consistent yield every time,mainlining gives you uniform colas on the plant,there is no question it works and works good

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Okay will try it next grow

Yoshi,I can tell you where to go to get instructions on how to do it if you wanna try.the instructions are by the man who claims to have come up with mainlining, go to (site) and type in mainlining in the search engine and look for an article by nug buckets,the site actually has all kinds of training techniques

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Thank you going look into it . Trying to figure out this light , in veg just the blue & white dial by itself was phenomenal , without the red and uv dial on . I’m wondering now in flower do I run full spectrum with both dials on , or just the red & uv full spectrum with the blues off ?

Cash I think that’s what I done with my big plant , because that’s exactly how it looks . I have a photo of it in my thread , having issues like most beginners !!!

Yea I had a few hiccups myself yoshi but I think my 2 ladies are doing good now and from what I’ve read the sun still puts off some blue spectrum light in autumn but puts off more red spectrum,try emailing your light manufacturer and asking them their opinion,I emailed mine Friday and they told me both switches on for flowering and maybe some of the more experienced growers will have a better answer,wait and see if they chime in

Nice job of sharing!