Mainline and manafolding techniques with autos

I’m curious on others technique of either mainlining or manafold. I topped my Bruce banner auto and a gorilla glue auto 3 days ago. They’ve both bounced back and i want to try my hand with this way of training. When you mainline you basically take off all laterals besides the top 2 right? And manifold is like topping the plant then topping the branches? New to it and would appreciate some advise on it. How often to cut and train pretty much. The plants are both in mid week 3. I got some photos going as well. I was going to practice some training techniques with them.


@Arrow @beardless can probably help with that. Good luck! Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Manifolding autos can be tricky. You never know when they’re going to flip to flower. The more stress, the more chance for early flowering.

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After looking into it a bit more i should have taken the topping lower down by the 3rd laterals instead of the 6th. I figured I’ll just train these autos down a bit and try the manifold and mainline on the photo gg4 i got in the 10g bag.

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@GrassMan420 Good choice my friend happy growing

I can not recommend a full manifold / mainline of an auto. Too much time is needed between toppings. A Nebula Manifold might stand a chance if the plant cooperates. It is only topped twice but there is a significant risk it will flower mid way ,
Something like this will produce a nice plant


An option is to let it grow one node taller and have 8 colas. With this many branches it gets hard to find a home for them all. In my illustration, you have six main colas. Two from the topped main stem and the two branches immediately below that.
Get your self some photos and have a blast pruning and training

This is a Nebula Manifold

Same plant a few days ago

Thanks for the tag @HappyHydroGrower. Always glad to help if I can. I am saddened to say our friend Arrow has withdrawn from this forum. The demands on his time became too much and he had to cut back.



I primarily grow autos and do nothing other than topping and lst. Autos do not have the recovery time and do not take to high stresses very well.

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I think I’ll try the mainline and manafolding on the photos first. Then try on autos. I’m sure there is a way to do it.

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:point_up_2: Exactly like yours and the one I use.

I use the Nebula Manifold line Beardless. I let them go to the 4th and top and the 3rd and remove all lower nodes. I also use landscaping pins for this early training. I couldn’t find an earlier pic but here is one around week 7 of flower :love_you_gesture: