Main stem broken

Tried to do some lst earlier until I heard the snap. It won’t go back on I have tried to tape and was unsuccessful. It’s and auto 35 days old. My question is should I let it go or stay in there ? What will happen ?

If it were a photo plant you would have a great clone to grow out. Once autos start flowering there’s not much you can do with them. You can’t really monster crop an auto. Taping it back up and hoping it takes is probably the best you can do. Split stalks aren’t usually too much of a problem. One that is completely broken off can be hard to deal with.


Thanks I appreciate it . Will the rest of the plant continue to grow ?

Yes, it will. Cannabis can be a pretty hardy plant.

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Get either honey or aloe vera and put on the busted part. Then use tape and or a zip tie to hold in place. These plants are pretty resilient. :+1:

It’s completely off due to the position where it snapped I can’t put it back together I tried earlier with tape and it fell over so I just kept it off

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Well I tried. The last thought I would try is super glue carefully. It would depend on how much I would lose. The Army taught us to not give up.

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I will try when I get in thanks guys

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