Main & secondary colas falling over

Hi guys,

Please see the below pictures on my Blue Dream’matic auto flower…

I’m not sure the reason for these stems falling over to the side. I tried to move them back into position with wire but the continue to do it. It’s about 2months from seed and the plant hasn’t bulked up as much as I’d like either. I believe I’ve got about 2 weeks left to go.

Your advice would be much appreciated.

They will fall as they gain weight. U need to support them up. I use bamboo sticks and plant wire

Giving them silica helps them get stronger too, i dnt use silica myself bit others do.


Silica was my first thought, too. You could also get a little more of a breeze on them when they’re younger to promote thick, strong stems. String or yoyos will support those colas :+1:

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