Main lining with Gold Leaf


Have anyone tried main lining with gold leaf? It’ll be my next grow ,I’m curious if that’s a good strain to do it with?


I never have main line it, but I know how it grows, it will be a great one to do it with


You can mainline any plant really. Some will will love the training and others will handle it, but won’t necessarily love it.


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Hey thanks for the advice fellas​:+1: . Imma try it for next grow. I’ll post a journal when i do :wink:


I think it would be a great strain to mainline. In fact, I think I’ll try it on my outdoor grow this year. :slight_smile:


I’m ready for a gold leaf auto!


Hey keep me posted whenever u do it. I would love to see it (especially an outdoor one)… Imma germ my seed this wkend, i can’t wait i read that the buds are a lot bigger & denser