Main-Lining Question

I’ve read the Nugbuckets tutorial, and I’m pretty sure I understand everything, but just looking for some confirmation. I waited till the fifth node, and I topped the plant down to the third. I removed all the growth under the third node, but now comes my question. From my picture, do I leave the two fan leaves? From my understanding the two growth tips will become my two new mains, and once they grow out some more, than I tie the down.

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Yes leave them there until the branches are well formed. At this point you will stunt further development if you remove them. Let the new branches develop a couple nodes first.

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@Cannabian am I correct that once I can tie down the two growth tips, I should remove those two fan leaves?

I would leave them there for now, even after you tie down the new nodes. At least until the newer nodes have some good growth and some more fan leaves to support them. Right now, those two fan leaves are supporting all the photosynthesis for the plant.
Here’s a pic of one of mine from last year right about where yours is at now, and then a pic a few weeks later. I left as many fan leaves as I could. My mainlined plants ended up over 6’ tall.


Thanks for the good example. In that picture is that an auto or photo? I don’t think i mentioned it above, but mine are autos.

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Dont top anymore… autos have a short life anyway… you only will stunt their growth

Reply for @BeerGeekGamer , sry :upside_down_face:

Yeah, sorry I didn’t notice you were growing an auto. The plants I mainlined were photos. You’re definitely in a race against the flower clock mainlining an auto, but I’m very interested to see how it goes for you. Just because people suggest against it, doesn’t mean you can’t make it work. Don’t get me wrong, it might end up a failure, and waste of a plant, but it could also turn out well. Either way, you’ll learn a lesson and gain experience.

Yea, I’m not to worried. I know there are a lot of people that say not to do it, but from everything I’ve researched, you can have great success. If it doesn’t work, oh well, learning experience.


Here’s my grow journal if you want to follow it.

I’ll check it out and most definitely follow along. Let me know if you have any specific mainlining questions. I can always share pics from the grow I did.

Too much late growth stress in a auto can really set it back time wise and possibly send it to revegetate.
Reveg happened to me. Flower was worthless. Some experiments work others don’t. Given the short amount of growth time before flowering starts, I’m not sure how much is gained from high stress training versus LST techniques. But hey WTH

in the future, if you want to increase yield with an auto, try to bend the entire plant and stake it down. A sideways stem redirects the flow of auxins and causes the branches to grow agressively upwards. The big advantage to this method is there is no topping which causes setback. With autos, setback will always negatively effect yield because time is short with them.
Good luck and keep us posted on your plant! Have fun!

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