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All. Seeds are female’s. And thats exactly why I did this journal Txt so others could see how it’s done and the out come.

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Best guess, it was a recessive gene that was expressed in that generation of seed. You cannot be sure 100% but it is most likely a recessive gene. Shouldn’t hurt anything as far as growing, or more important, smoking. lol


Txt how ya do’m buddy



Struggling to breathe, think that ride yesterday did me in. One of my friends and I took a last ride of 100 miles yesterday. We are both selling our Harley’s due to health problems. The ride was AWESOME, it cooled down to below 90 during the day for the first time in several months. Our night time temps are reaching 75-73. The lowest temp at night since July 15th is 72 ! ! Mostly 80’s at night in the summer. Thank God for A/C lol


I sorry about your health Txt but at least you got 100 miles in. I 'll pick this up in th lounge in a bit.
Seems like there is about 6. Or 7 of us that may switch over to Hydrophobic
This blueberry and Strawberry seem to be everyone’s pick at this time.
I’m up dating my journal later today. We are floating the river today.
I’ll be in touch with you later tonight. You take care of yourself ok.

P.S I traded all my ceader lumber for a 1200 Harley Davidisom Sportster porter. " Sweet "

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Ok. Here is week 3 now.
Here is the OG

You can see on the right the two new stems growing the same is happening on the left you just can’t see it. But this gives me 4 lol as two on either side and equal in length and directly across from each other this is very important . I would say maybe at the end of this week I should be able to snip and tie these two plants back.

This next one is the Northern Light

it to is forming two branches on each side. This would give me 4 lol as when I snip them I’ll have 8 lol as.

Next one will be the Super Skunk

Next one will be the Super Skunk
This plant was maimed about a week week an a half after the first two.
These plants were all germinate, transplanted at the same but all are =
different stages in height. Don’t figure.
But there we have it.
Can anyone see any difference?

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I had a major accident to night.
I was trimming back one of my Supper Skunk and this is what happens be fore and after.

I immediately made a solution to clone my screw-up she is in a tiny greenhouse I’ll post up dates on her recovery.
Anyone with a thought feel free to post.

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Looks like it is starting pretty well. Keep us informed. I am watching your grow for help on my next one, 12 plants at once.
I ordered my seeds for the first Hydro test. Got Blueberry fem, Gold Leaf*** , and Amnesia fem on order now. Can’t wait ! !


Ouch … that had to hurt!
Enjoying reading your journal.


Thanks Jerry, I to will be ordering from my wish list. For the hydrophobic set-up.
I’ll be starting that next month
As far as that go’s…tell them.

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You bet that hurt. I couldn’t believe what had happend I cloned the top that’s all I can do. But the rest of it I don’t know what will happen. If it dose grow it will be a set back big time.

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Oops We all have messed up a few times. Hopefully it will clone and other one too.


The clone didn’t make it. It all was done so quickly. It all went wrong I got to check on the stem this morning
I’ll let you know how that is.

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RIP ! hope she served as a learning tool, that’s all we can do is learn from our mistakes.



Will I just saw a product called mighty wash for mites and such. Look at Looks like a good product and it is usable up to the day before harvest. Just thought you might want to look at it.

Ya’ll take care


Right on Tc. I’m going to check it out right now
Thank you Sir…lol



Don’t know how you found it but that site is for me. Awesome stuff.
That Might y Wash seems to be the stuff.
Can’t thank you enough.

B Safe


It looks like good quality and prices are good. At least here, you know what you are getting ! I was contemplating going to them for my big grow. They have everything that you need and then some !



Kelp4less is a great place to go for nutrients. I have used them for a long time and their nutrients are as good as anything else out there and better than most. I have been growing for almost 40 years and have used many different companies nutrients and have stuck with Kelp4less for a long time. Reasonably priced mostly all organic and free delivery.


That’s awesome, Thank you for that info. Makes me feel Better hearing from someone who has used there products and someone with that kinda growing knowledge…
Thank you again

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