Main lining Journal Start To Finish


This is going to be a journal for anyone who would like to try mainlining start to finish.
1st pic is OG Irish. Cut or snipped. At the 3rd node.
2nd pic is the result. You can see very clearly the two new colas are coming out. This is the 14th day.

I will be updating weekly to so progress.

B Safe

Want to Main Line for the first time, some questions
Earliest time to Transplant
First grow, free seed (didnt know what type of it)
Sour Diesel and unknown surprise mainline
How do these look?

I end up getting a qp off of mine and I didn’t go any further with the main lining than you did,I topped down to the 3rd node and then removed all the growth other than 3rd node tied em down and let them be from there


Hey Cash,
Iem shooting for 3 maybe 4 times.
I’ll just wait and see as I go. I have 12 plants to work with.

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Well I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your progress,I only did mine that way as an experiment and every grow I was gonna go one step farther and try to find which gives the biggest yields


Then this will be the perfect time for you then.
Like I posted, I’ll be posting a new pic weekly to show progress of the plant or plants. Thank you for watching hillcrest got me to do this journal. He also wants to watch.

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you know im on board :smiley:


Hey there Hillcrest,well here it go’s.
We all shall see how this turns out.

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Hillcrest wants to Watch??? WHAT are you doing exactly!!! LOL

Sounds like an interesting grow. I am going to start my new grow, Blueberry Auto and post it. Will most likely start do it tonight, not having much luck sleeping lately. Finally almost passed out from a large dose of White Widow last night. Got some GOOD sleep then! But by the time I got to sleep it was 4:15 and I can’t sleep well when the sunlight is in the room. I finally managed to sleep until 10:00.


Hey Txt Sorry about your sleeplessness buddy hope it will get better for ya.
Ya I’m Main-lining. Northern Light, OG Krush and Super Skunk from start to finish.
1.) To show others how the different plants react to Main-Lining myself included.
2.) To show how it’s done
3,) The rewards
And besides all that it will be interesting to watch the plants form.
I’ll look for you post later tonight Tx

B Safe



Ok. It’s been a week now and here is my first update.
I transplanted Ms O G Irish last night and have tied her down pic # 1
Notice in pic # 1 the right side is larger than the left. Item going to research this to find out if this will change anything height on one side

Pic # 2 is Super Skunk she will be transplanted this afternoon and the long stem will be buried in the soil.

Well there we have it for the first update. These plants were all at the same time except two.
The ones that were maintained at the same time seem to be growing at a different growth rate.
Any thoughts or input is always welcome.
Also this plant the right side is bigger than the left. Now why would that be?

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Well it’s been a few days now after I transplanted into 5 gal bucket and tied her two new Cole’s and she is looking great. That’s the OG Krush and did the same to a NL but without tiring her down yet. Both plants took all that very well.

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Maybe it’s right handed? You say you transplant and bury the long stem way down? Why? More roots will form?


Hey there tlkbear,
you know you just mite be onto something there…lmao
You do get more roots, but I did it to give my plant more support uptop for large kolas.

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GM…will you put up some pics


Here are the pic’s hillcrest,

1.) This pic is of the Northern Light witch was mained four days later

2.) This pic is The OG Irish see how it he right is bigger than the left side

3.) My Super Skunk

I hope someone can explain why one side is longer than the other and will / this affect what item trying to do

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imo just tie down right side make it same height should be just fine


I thought they were but guess not. I will do that right now and thank you. I wasn’t sure what would happen seeing how this is first time.

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Thanks for sharing this with all. I will be following this as I want try mainlining on my next grow.


Well you are very we come! And I look forward to seeing you here. And as always feel free to ask any time.

B Safe


This is a good learning post. Watching this closely and seeing how big these will get. Were you’re seeds Regular or Fem?
I was thinking about doing blueberry fem or SS Haze in my 2x4x5 tent using manifold. I want to see how yours comes out for a guide for me.

Great Buds always