Main Cola Problems

These plants have been in veg for approximately 2 months. I did late topping so my main colas are all towards the top. I think I was supposed to start topping way earlier than I did. How long should main colas be before switching to flower? I am working with a 7 feet high tent. My tallest plant is 53 inches from the floor / 43 inches from the soil. My smallest plant is 40 inches from the floor / 28 inches from the soil. Should I let the colas get longer before flipping to flower?

Plan on them doubling or more in size during flower, and take light distancing into consideration.

Utilize that net and try to crush them down as far as you can without doing too much damage.


Thank you for the advice! I was worried because every picture I’ve seen people’s plants have so many colas coming from the bottom of the plant stretching up, but I did late topping and all my colas break off from the top of the plant

I was kinda wondering something like this myself. Like Is it possible to flip too soon after topping?

You can flip them anytime you want, kinda depends what your looking for. I would give them some time to recover after topping, like a week or so or at least until they look happy

Ok. I was wondering cuz these seem like the stalk was to new and thin for big colas to form. But then that logic didn’t make sense cuz on a naturally growing plant, the top where your cola forms is always new and the tiniest growth on the plant. I was just worried these gals weren’t gonna fill out. I havent done topping this extensive yet so was unsure.

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Your plants have really long node spacing, this is probably why your canopy is shaping up differently than what you’re accustomed to seeing. This is usually caused by imbalance in blue to red wavelengths or weak light intensity.


It would be easier to keep track of everything you’re dealing with, with a journal. Might make more sense to those trying to help if it was all in one spot. Just a suggestion of course. Happy growing!

Edit. Then all this would already be coalated for you for future use.


IMO that is the result of either poor training (actually lack of training) or it intended as in manifold style. When you prune and or train you need to have the intended consequence in mind. For example these plants were pruned in the manifold form with the intention of having eight main colas

A little closer look

A well intention plan is only a thought unless it is executed. Even though I only wanted eight main colas I could have ended up with many more than that if I did not prune and maintain that form. Meaning, I could have let all of the secondary bottom feeders grow “stretch up” and consume resources intended for the eight mains. Some growers will strictly limit growth to the actual colas. I did not in this case. The plants, IMO were strong and robust enough to support some secondary growth. I did not let them grow from the bottom. It came from a node or two below the main colas’.
Each row has eight mains with a couple secondary ones.

Hope this helps