Main Cola Growth

The HLGs are definitely nice, but a bit out of my price range. Between this, my bonsai, 3d printing, and electronics hobbies ive blown through that part of my budget a month ago lol.

Those lights are something i might invest in down the line if i continue this level of interest, which is pretty high right now.

It just occurred to me that ive been completely ignoring the humidity problem in my tent. Its constantly between 55% & 70%. So i think instead of upgrading the tent, im going to get a humidifier that can dehumidify the entire basement, because it makes no sense to try to dehumidify a 4x2 tent that has air constantly being pushed through it.

Im still going to get a light to add into my tent though. Ill just put them side by side on top of the 4x2. I may even cut the roof off that thing and build it up to the ceiling. Im not dead set on that mars though, so if you have any suggestions that are under $100 for the light, im all ears.

Alright so it seems like plenty of people have already commented but I think I might be able to give you a little insight. You see that top that is almost hitting the top of the tent? That is no good. Here is what I did. I have mine growing in a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket. I did not do any form of LST throughout any of the growing stage so what I did was last minute, spire of the moment and a Hail Mary to say the very least lol. I took a soft tying fabric such as a shoe string or plant ties which are good but to much weight on them and that fabric that wraps around the wiring faded away and poses issues so I went with string. I looped it around the top of the plant and pulled just enough to now the top is pretty much aligned with the rest of the plant the bud growth if phenomenal and has opened up a lot more room for growth down below. I tied the ends of the string to the pale handle. There are also these little groves around the rim of the bucket. I took a hook and fastened it to the pales handle as well. Here is my plant at the moment. I hope this helps and as you go along whether you’re a beginner or whatever you start finding out new things that work. I was able to raise my light an extra 6 inches by making a fastener out of zip ties lol.

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Thanks a ton for the advice. Wow shes gorgeous, and so frosty. Very healthy looking. Ive got a bunch of questions if you dont mind… How many weeks into flowering was it before she started showing the frost? Does the bud or frost show first? Do those crystals on the leaves make a mess of everything she brushes up against? Can you get high by getting the crystals on your skin, and are gloves required?

Cant believe my plant could look like that in a week or 2…mouth watering buds geez lol

Lmao so I’m just as surprised as you are that she looks the way she does every plant is different. This is a sour hulk plant. I grabbed some bud from a medical dispensary and found a seed in there and looked at it like eh what do I got to lose?

I started seeing very light frost forming on her about 3 weeks into flowering and it has just increased since then. The pre flowers start showing before anything really excited started to happen. I moved her around countless times throughout the week to empty her drain tray, check how she looks outside of the grow light and those crystals remain on her no matter how often she is moved. I always handle her with gloves. Even in her vegetation stage just for precautions. I’ve heard these plants are overly sensitive and I’ve heard they can take a beating like tomato plants so I just do what I feel is right which is never being to safe. I handle her with goat leather gloves. Never latex or anything powdered that has been made with chemicals that can harm her. None of the plant will get you high until the thc is activated through heat. Much of the leaves you see that are covered will be used for edibles and extracts.

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Oh wow thats badass man. Are edibles typically made with leaves? I was wondering what i can do with leaves after harvest. With edibles, people usually make a butter or oil and then bake with that right?

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Yes that’s what they’re actually recommended for. The entire bud as in everything that grows out of it can be used. The fan leaves can make a tea if done properly. The sugar leaves is where you will get the most out of it. You can freeze the leaves after you trim them for live resin extracts. For edibles you have to put them in the oven for I believe it’s 260 for an hour to decarbo them. After that is when the thc has been activated in them and you can make the butter for edibles etc.

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My Colas are extremely small…2+ feet.

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I cant wait to figure all of that out. I havent even begun researching harvest or post-harvest yet. I tried but it starts making me impatient lol. Going to wait until the plant starts officially flowering. I might hit you up around that time with some questions, if you dont mind.

A 2’ cola, as in the plant grew an additional 2 feet of bud? Id be happy with 1’, i dont want to bend the main stem anymore

I grow Super Monsters that are 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. I have a 4x4 tent. I had to learn to grow horizontal. I am a unique grower and a anomaly.

Look at my Avatar and so you know I can reach well over 7’ with my gorilla arms.

Also a key point. I mainly grow Sativas dominant plants which helps get the massive height. My Indicas vary in height from like 2’ to 6’.

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Wow nice man…i have a hybrid that leans indica and so far the biggest got up to 37", then i bent her, and she got back up over 3’, and i just bent her again, and im hoping that’ll be good enough. Working with a 4’x2’x60" tent. I shouod have got the 4x4x80 tho

Here is the key to growing horizontal if forced to do so with height restriction.

Have some paracord and zip ties. Attach the zip tie and put the paracord through the loop. You don’t need to crank the zip tie as far as it can go.

Now bend the plant over slowly. Once you get it where you want, secure the rope. Now the waiting game begins. Once the flower is big enough with weight, release her. She will eventually grow upwards.

Its pretty simple. I have done this during flowering but I recommend before flowering.

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Unfortunately i waited too long, and had to do it while flowering, but just a few hours later and shes already fixed her direction. She corrected fast last time too. Actually when i went to bend her again today, i noticed she had started lifting out of the bend. Strong plant

I circled the 2 main cola sites

That plant is flexible still. You have to let it stay for weeks and weeks. Not for a day or two. You have to allow them to bulk up so once released the cola will have the weight to keep it down.


The first photo is the plant about 6 weeks in flowering. The main cola is upper right corner.

Bottom photo is the main cola. About 6 weeks into flowering. She ended up the size of a volleyball.

Over 2 feet out of the tent.

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Dayummm nice man. Mine aint got cola for the weight yet. Hopefully soon! Tomorrow i start week 4 on tje feeding chart

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Hey guys…it might still be summer, but is it just me or is getting a little bit frosty in here…brrr (sorry my dad humor follows me everywhere) :joy::joy:

Can you believe this man? She has completely undone the 1st bend, and shes gone from a 90 to a 45 on the 2nd bend. Im gonna gonna tie down that bend.

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