Main Cola Growth

Hey guys, i am confused about how the main cola forms. I can see the main site forming the last couple of days, and im wondering is this the start of the bottom of the main cola, or the top? For instance, lets say it ends up being a 12" cola, does that mean my plant is going to put on at least another foot of height?

My tallest plant is 9.5" away from hitting the light, and the main stem is so thick that if i try to bend it, the net cup tilts and the whole plant slants, so not really sure what to do.

How long does the main cola get on average? Thanks.

There is no real average it all depends on how you manage your grow. Let’s see some pics and maybe I can see what your talking about.

I already cut a hole in the top of the tent so the edge of the light is flush with the top of the tent, so im unable to go any higher

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Looks like you are going to be out of room when that flowers :confused:

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Supercrop…pinch/squeeze and twist/chiropracty that stem so she’ll lay over sideways or close to…best option.


If im able to bend the cola sideways, will the light hitting it from the side be ok?

The branches and leaves will correct themselves while getting you some height…look at the youtube link I edited my last post with. Its a worthwhile watch, but jump to about 27:00 for your current issue.


Awesome. Thank you. These plants were about 3 weeks into their veg feeding schedule before i realized height was going to be an issue and i flipped them to flowering, would you suggest only doing 2 weeks of veg next time?

YOU can do whatever you like, but 2 weeks is prob too short for either… If Auto, you don’t get to decide, you only try to control environmental issues and the plant will still do what it is genetically predisposed to do. If a Photo I like 5 weeks so the roots can get healthy and big (most important part) & so I’m not pressured to get them trained how I want them before Flip.
I go against the grain a bit, I like to nail em with light early to keep them squat and stout with tight nodes (not the recommended consensus). So that you need to figure out whats your style is
Anyway, plants look healthy…good luck on the grow and LST training.


Thanks…this stuff is nervewracking haha. Cant wait until ive been through it all. At least the next one ill be somewhat prepared for what to expect and what to look out for.

Gonna check out your video and hopefully i dont screw my plants up


They are pretty resilient. It is a weed afterall. Just go slow, watch that video, he’s not being rambunctious in but still aggressive.


I know you mentioned specifically at 27 is where my problem gets addressed, but do you think i should follow all of it, like removing stuff as hes doimg to start the video? Is that ok to do at this stage? I just started week 3 on the flowering feeding schedule yesterday and ive read conflicting things about what you can and cant do in the flowering stage.

Yes, I was just trying to help you see your end game. But yes watch the video learn some tricks get some skills get some confidence that your not gonna kill it by bending a stem. I’ve probably watched it 100 times over the years… Well you kinda have no choice, running out of height, what it will do at a minimum is slow the bent one down a week or so while it heals.

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This video is incredible. Thank you so much. Probably gonna watch it a few times tonight and then again tomorrow before i try the techniques. But yea man…this guy is an excellent teacher. Thanks again.


So i was trying to tie her down first before bending anything with my hands and in the process i ended snapping her down. I domt think theres any damage to the exterior stalk, but its kinda kinked, so now instead of tying her down, im holding her up…

Am i screwed or did i accidently do what i was trying to do?


You are good, in the next few days it will form a Knuckle that will be tougher than the original.
Looks like you watched that video, you got a 90. It will fix itself, then grow horizontal for a bit and turn back up, but now you bought yourself 6" in height and a week or two. Good job bud.
I’ve gone as far as using a pair of duck-bill pliers, with some rubber hose on the tips, to gently squeeze the stem to make it soft & pliable.
Even if that branch fell off, that plant and root is likely big enough it would recover in no time.


Hell yea. Thats great to hear. Also did some minor trimmimg at the bottom, but i think im going to keep it light and just try to remove giant leaves blocking bud sites for my first time, and follow that video exactly for my next grow. Wish that guy had more videos…ive only been able to find a few on youtube so far.

Thanks again


He has a bunch of stuff out there, a lot of it is based on this same info but all good as a reinforcement of what you learned or practice. The guys pen-name is “Kyle Kushman” google that.

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How badass would it be to get inside that guys head lol

Have you ever dealt with a hermie before? My smallest plant, the one on the left had an offshoot coming from the bottom that had 2 male nodes. So far everything else is female, so i cut that entire branch off, but is it likely that new shoots will be male too? Id like to avoid ditching the plant, as ive only got 3.

Yeah, everyone who grows gets a herm here and there. Keep a real close eye on it, sometimes its just an environmental issue PH, Light, heat etc and it’ll throw on one node but if they have the genetics to throw them easily it could pop one here and there, just have to be careful and inspect every day so you don’t pollinate the rest. Some folks just trash them at first sight, if you are a hover-grower and watch closely, it could be fine, ultimately its your call. I keep em and do what you did, if I see it happen a couple more times as a stress response to being cut and cant fix the cause, I’ll kill it then.