Main Cola 100% broken off - Inside is hollow, do I have a nutrient issue?

I have recently embarked upon my very first grow. I’m having an absolute blast with it lol. I’ve already learned so much - and can’t wait to level up my growing skills going forward.

One of the amateur mistakes I’ve made is learning about Low-Stress Training. On one of my plants, I got a little overzealous with the training and resulted in a full break of the main cola branch. :fearful:

When I did my google research half-panicking because I thought I had just completely ruined one of my plants, I discovered through various posts online that I should be ‘ok’ continuing on with the growth of this plant. It’s still very much in a VEG state, and not on a flowering light schedule.

However, my question is this: Someone said that if the plant stem is hollow that it might be due to a “calcium deficiency”.

1.) Is this true, that a hollow stem is a result of a Calcium deficiency?
2.) If so, how do I resolve this and make my plants healthier?
3.) What are the possible repercussions if I do nothing and let it grow without any intervention?

My concern is this, I don’t necessarily want to spend more money on chemicals/nutrients, but also I wanted to keep my first grow “simple”. I didn’t want to mess with nutrients as I felt it added a layer of complexity that I wasn’t ready for.

That being said, I’m not afraid to try new things - as I was trying to LST my plants.

As always, Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

Photo of broken stem:

Photo of the entire plant to gauge health:


Perfectly normal to see a hole inside stem like that. That’s how the nutrients travel throughout the plant. You can put a drop of honey or aloe over the hole and a band aid to cover. Shouldn’t slow it down too much. Your 2 side shoots will take over Basically you just topped your plant. :+1::wink::v:


Totally normal


Even though it broke it will keep going it could surprise you I have seen and done worse


When it’s all said and done and your harvesting , you want that hole in the center of the stalk to be the size of a penny or a quarter…
That means the plant was super healthy and taking up as many nutrients and water as possible…


All branches are hallow and a better time to super crop is when branches are soft young and playable…old woody branches will do that if your not trained I like to use a pair if scissors but use the handle to pinch thick stems until you feel it mush or use your thumb with say a lighter on the back side if the big branch to push against…u wanna kinda mash the inside if the branch and it will almost fall over on it’s own if you mash it good if this have to bend it to move it then mash some more first then try and coax it in a direction

I did that super cropping way later then I should have these were supposed to be mothers that I just topped and when they grew like 12binches top 4 branches I bent over with said above method cloned everything underneath after wards I decided to screen them they were not right structure to start that grow u usually have net much closer to buckets but you make due and that’s an example of super cropping but to do it at a young age you get plants like this


@peachfuzz That’s so amazing - I head no idea! I seriously love learning about these girls as they grow, so incredibly fascinating!

Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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@fano_man I don’t even know where to start man - THANK YOU for sharing all of this! I’ve made a few notes for my next grow based off the tips you’ve provided.

Love the photos - absolutely beautiful!

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@Hogmaster This actually makes me feel way better lol especially coming from someone so experienced.


That is called pith, and pithless plants are usually more desirable like @peachfuzz said.


the more you know!