Magnetic higher-end pumps for RDWC

Has anyone used something like this as a RDWC recirculation pump?

I like the idea of a dead-solid will run forever without leaking pump… (and my current one is … um … working but leaks a bit and I don’t trust it)


No experience with these, but I can definitely relate to some differences in quality pumps.


I use this one in my diy under current rdwc

Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump with Flow Control | 1050 GPH, 1900 GPH & 3170 GPH Flow Ranges Available | Ultra Quiet, Submersible or External Installation | Safe for Saltwater & Freshwater Systems

The 1900 works great! It gives the ability to be submersed or run inline with the pipes. I choose inline and hard mounted it

How much water is in your system, @PharmerBob ? Do you run the 1900 full-out, or turn it down some?

Nah that thing was way too powerful, I turned it all the way down and then up until the point it had a serious draw thru the totes.

So… the 1050 is fine for a 45 gal system?

I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t be able to push that amount of fluid and create a current

I got the 1900gph version. @PharmerBob did you have any trouble getting leak-free connections to/from the pump? The provided adaptors suck, and threaded commodity PVC fittings … are a tight fit (but work, I think).

It’s nice to set the system to drain and watch how fast it’ll pump the system dry!

I took it to Home Depot and got threaded connections from plumbing supplies.

Teflon tape goes a long way with this also

Yea. Standard fittings work, what comes with it sucks.

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That’s exactly what I thought as well, I can make whole houses not leak with some pvc glue…they couldn’t make a fitting that didn’t?

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Bulkhead fittings suck too.

Hopefully this works without drips.