Magnesium, Nitrogen, nute lock or genetics? Help?

OG Kush. 3 plants. 1 is nice and dark green. Other 2 are light and leaves are yellowing. I can’t figure out if there is an issue and if it’s mag, nitro, nute lock or genetics. I have researched this site. But I’m stuck. I flushed the two the other day and have added cal mag. Other than that it’s been water in FF Frog at pH 6.5. Is anything wrong here. Other than the color and leaves all seems ok.
Take a look at the pics. Please offer a Rx. Thanks

Maybe hungry not sure I top dress and ph to 6.0 see if it helps not no pro just what I do when plant looks like that

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I have been researching this as best I can @Pedrogunz . I’m thinking I might need to add some nitrogen myself. It’s time to get my nutes up some above 1000 PPM and a few days ago they were below that by a 100 pts or so. Think I give a quick blast of some food.

Thanks Pal

It would help if we had some information on the grow instead of just pictures:

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  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
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  • Light system
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Here’s my 2nd grow. 1st worked out Ok, but I upgraded to a 4X4. It’s tough keeping the temp in the zone for some reason. But here we go.

Strain: Nirvana OG Kush
Grow medium: Soil Fox Farm Frog with added perlite
Ph: All water was ph’d to 6.5
Nutes: I haven’t used any yet. Water, some Cal-Mag 2ml, molassas and stump tea
Temps: Been between 80-82 during the day. 78 at night.
Humidity: kept around 45%
Ventilation: 6 inch AC xfinity.
Room: Basement. With Tent
No need for dehumidifier.
No CO2
Been watering about every 4-5 days when dry. All was well until I found a problem today.
Lighting: Spiderfarmer SF4000. I only made it up to 70%. Now I back it down to 65%

Here’s the set up.

I have a grow journal going with this info. Thanks @Myfriendis410

In HF you should be supplementing by now. Plants are hungry.


Thank you @Myfriendis410 . Gonna treat the girls and see what happens.

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Been keeping an eye on the girls and fed her. ppm was between 900-1000 for each. Still getting lighter with some darkening. Thinking my LED SF4000 is too high. I only had it at 75% and started at 50% slowly moving it up. Well I can’t think of anything else so I lowered it to 65% to see if it’s that. I looked at every other option. Here are some pics

How do they look? What do you guys think? @Myfriendis410 @Pedrogunz

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Looking good :ok_hand:

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They are not a little too yellow. 8 weeks.

The 3 girls are still going. In 9th week or 10th now. 6-7 week of flower. They seem to be doing ok other than all the leaves turning yellow lol

@TommyD It’s pretty normal to start seeing yellowing or dying off of leaves towards the end! Your plant looks great!

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@yourviolentpast Thanks. Seems to have turned out ok. This plant got yellow really early, that was my concern and other plants didn’t act that way.
Here’s one plant. Dry and getting ready to cure.