Magnesium deficiency? Please help

I’m a newby to growing bud and have a grow tent. My Blu Dream
girls have been doing fine until recently when I noticed these yellow areas and brown spots. I tested the top of the soil ph and it is at 6.5. I was thinking to add epsom salt but am not sure how much or what the ratio is. The plants started outside on my deck on 4/5 and I moved them inside when my grow room was ready 5/20. I fed them once with a diluted miracle grow solution on 6/1. Please help!
plants 2

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1 tablespoon per gallon for regular feedings is pretty good number. Make sure the epsom you’re using is scent and dye free.


Thank you! I showed my plant pics to a local grow store and they suggested adding Cal/Mag to help. I’m going to give it a try but also gave the epsom salt in the quantity you suggested.

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That will probably do. Just want to be careful you don’t end up giving too much.

Thanks-but how much is too much? I was told to give the cal/mag with each watering

Start with middle of recommended dose on bottle. Depending on brand could vary a little based on concentration.