Magnesium Deficiency? Need help identifying deficiency



Thank you. First time grower so I’m steadily learning


The tips of leaves always show over nutrients as well… if your PH is high your plant will tell you. I would flush and check run off mate​:sunglasses::+1:


How can I tell the difference between a deficiency and over nutrition?


Ah, it takes years of practice to tell the difference, but usually a burn means too much nutes, and a lightening of color means not enough, in general. There are lots of guides to help with diagnosis, we all use them.


Okay. I’ll look into that


Definitely read. Better to find out the why’s and how’s from a book/article, then get clarification on here. You’ll get more out of it. And to be clear, if you are in soil, 7.3-7.5 is not a little high, it is ‘dangerously’ high. When my run-off shows a pH adjustment is needed, I try to keep it from 6.4 - 6.6 to do those adjustments.

I still have the pH up and down from the kit above, and it is a good start. Save up and get a good pH meter though. It will make life easier, and it will not have as much guesswork as “is that green enough?” :slight_smile: