Magnesium deficiency ? Jack Herer

Hey guys. I think my outdoor Jack Herer has a magnesium deficiency

Any advise would be great



I’m not gonna say yes or no. Bit maybe this will help a lil

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Looks like a mag deficiency to me. Purple stem, fading between veins . Foliar feed with Epsom salt :+1:

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How much epsom salt per gallon of water ?


2 tablespoons per gallon. Treat once a week until you improvement. Some of those leaves will never recover so look at the plant as a whole. I’d would also include some cal/mag in your feeding schedule. The foliar is basically a quick fix . Also make sure you are in the correct PH range for your medium (for feeding)

Fill one of these out and post it here so we can see what you have going on with the whole plant

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Jack herer (10ft)


Water ph 6-6.5

Nutrients- root farm base/grow two part (NPK 5-5-7)

Calmag Included in nutrient line

PPM unkown


Think she’s about 3-4 weeks into flower

Nutrients- root farm grow/ bloom 5-4-8

Probably not the best nutrients but it’s what I got right now. I’ve been feeding 10Ml/G ratio of both grow/bloom

I’ve tested rain water around my place and it’s 7.5 PH. Don’t know if this would effect nutrient uptake. I ph to 6.5 when I feed.

leaf tips are bending to the side (left or right), not sure what causes this.

Usually twisting leaves is a sign of a ph issue. You’re planted right in the ground? A lot if the discoloration on the leaves looks like leaf variegation. A Harmless genetic trait .did the yellow leaf in the pic come of the bottom? That’s a monster plant and some lowers will naturally die off.

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Yes planted right in the ground. The leaf was maybe 4 ft up the plant. Most of the dead leafs are on the side that doesn’t get much sunlight. The trees in the back shade that part of the plant.

That would do it. Keep an eye on her I wouldn’t be to concerned unless you see it spreading

This is my first year growing, so this is all new to me. I was only gonna grow one plant, and ended up with six. When I mix nutrient, I usually use a 5 gallon bucket mix my nuts, 10ml/G, and ph to 6.5. I’m still not 100% on how much to feed each plant. For the size of the plant I might not be feeding enough.

My other plants seem to be doing ok, other then maybe a nitrogen deficiency. Although most of my other plants are almost finished, so I believe it’s normal for them to be using some nitrogen. Here some pictures of two others.

What are you like 5/6 weeks into flower?

I’m not 100% sure what week they are in. The one in the pot, yes probably around 5-6. The other was first to flower, so I’d say another 1-2 weeks to go. I have a scope to check trichomes, I’ll be checking tomorrow. Any suggestions on when to harvest based on trichome colour ?

This is the one in the pot, think she’s 5-6 weeks like you said.

This is the other one in the ground, she’s farther along