Magical butter cooking oil


Here is my first attempt at making oil for cooking brownies and other delicious treats that call for oil instead of butter, which is almost all of the ones I can find near me. So I decided I would make it first with sunflower oil this time and once I run out I’ll try with grapeseed. I will be using around 34 of trim and popcorn bud from the pineapple chunk plant. I’ll be making some chocolate brownies for me and my father when he comes down for a good few days of joints, cookies, and brownies. :sunglasses:

3 cups of oil and 3 tsp of lecithin in the mb machine

Trim and bud in the oven decarbing and weighed out


Well came out will a little less than 3 cups and I have about 2 cups in a pint jar that will go in the fridge for more goodies for a later day.

The oil jarred up and ready to use

1st batch of brownies are in the oven :grimacing::+1:


That is next on our list of things to learn, how to use cannabis in cooking. My wife has never used cannabis and is nervous about smoking it.

Thanks for posting this @Dieselgrower.:+1:


Not a problem. My girl doesn’t smoke. She eats edibles to help her sleep. I got the machine to try all sorts of eddibles because all I ever had were brownoes and they never tasted great. So I’m planning on making vape liquid to use when I’m out in public and other edible goodies as well. Thanks for coming along for the ride. These brownies smell delicious. Just got to figure out how to cut and dose with them. :joy:


Well they are delicious. I cut them into 9 squares and I am planning to eat 1/2 a square and see where that takes us.


How did the brownies turn out?


Those look awesome! I made some brownies with cannabutter, but overshot the portions a bit… Put 14g in one stick and that one stick into a pan of brownies. Cut 'em into 24 just to be safe, but one of them was still enough to knock me over.

Would that be similar with oil vs. butter? I’ve always wanted to try oil because I hear it mixes well but I do love some fatty butter.


Good for you @Dieselgrower. I use refined coconut oil mostly now (the one that doesn’t taste like coconuts) because it can be used in recipes that call for oil or butter. I’ve posted somewhere on here where I pour it in to stick molds (the size of a stick of butter) for easy measuring and store them in the freezer. Then I just pull them out as needed for baking etc. I also will use that same oil for canna caps and just saw a recipe for a salve that uses coconut oil so will try that too. It’s an extremely versatile oil especially since I don’t smoke. It gives me a lot more options.


I have the MB…Im using 2 oz per jar of coconut oil…i have 2 debilitating diseases so i need it for pain everyday…i go through 2 oz a week so im so glad that i grow my own.Our dispensary is selling OZs for 350 and i definitely run out and make more by the end of week…Sooo i made some extras and passed em out to my neighbors and “said only eat a quarter since you dont use everyday”…Well they ate the whole Brownie and i didnt see them for 3 days…lol…They just couldnt run with the Old Dog i guess.


I was reading that your a Vet…I am too…100% disabled so i grow my meds for my disability and i also help my brothers out when i can…Happy Growing Brother!


I’ve been winging it, using a cup of de-carbed weed (mostly trim and some small buds) per cup of oil. I’ve used both olive oil and corn oil with good results. I cut the brownies small - 1-inch squares - and one square is all it takes. It produces a mellow, relaxing, long-lasting effect.