Magic mushrooms!


Smart people can do drugs and manage to have good jobs. It’s a shame that people like us, that don’t mess around with anybody and just do something natural are chased. @hillbilly103


@Cocinero The two most dangerous and addictive drugs in the world are also the easiest to get and the most socially acceptable alcohol and nicotine :skull_and_crossbones:


They want us dumb and sick.


@Cocinero dumb weak sheep are easier to heard !!


You got that right brother ! !


Any word on a source of supply for the shrooms?? Would love to have some again. I used them several times in the late 60’s and Art class was never so much fun ! I aced a test on shrooms once and my instructor asked me how I got the answer, I had to tell her “It just came to me during the test.” Great days my friend ! Jerry


@TxGrowman All I know is the spors were collected in north west USA


dude, I have not heard strawberry alarm clock since the early 80’s when I was getting high and jamming with a high school buddy up in his attic room/music jam studio. Brought me back!


I did a shroom grow at the beginning of last summer. Got some good shrooms, but the bag got contaminated and they crapped out. Tried to get a new kit, but the place in Seattle went abruptly out of business.


All I can say is awesome. Haven’t done shrooms in forever. I am reliving my youth!!


Anyone have any luck finding spores?
I wonder what Robert is working on? @latewood - Any news sir? Thank you in advance.


Honestly I haven’t try, I saw a couple of websites that seems to be legit. I have been busy traveling and working so I haven’t had time to get in my psychedelic project :frowning:


If I get motivated and have time I will look for that thread from over a year ago, I think. I just happened across it last summer and saw some talk of ILGM working on “something” to do with shrooms! Someone from here, or Bergman’s Lab made the statement, just cannot remember who it was. @Yoshi is popping into my head but my memory isn’t what it once was so who knows. :green_heart: :seedling:


Wish I would have read this last night, my wife and I ate some for first time in years. Put in blender with chocolate milk, chugged it down, didnt taste that good and i ended up puking it up later. Wife had a blast and felt great. They were very visual, and after i puked i tripped my face off and felt better, unfortunately i fought it for a while and felt shitty while i did. Each took 2grms. Lasted a good 5hrs, was able to drift right off to sleep slept great pleasant dreams, woke up 6hrs later felt great. All and all great time, glad we got enough to try them again a few times.


We used to have great times gathering shrooms! Naturally we were trippin good by the time we left the field!! Lol

Not as easy to find anymore. They spray fields and treat feed to fight fungi. My dad use to get a bunch in his fields, but I haven’t checked since he got rid of the cows before he died.

I ran out of smoke one time and had 3 little dried caps. I didn’t miss the weed for the rest of the day! :wink:

Gonna have to go check those fields…


I used to be my friend’s tab tester. Oh, man, one summer I did a tab of acid just about every other day. Never had a bad trip! Oh, I’ve had some strange trips, but never a bad one. I once spent all night in a friend’s car, all windows down, with no music, dead of night, middle of summer. I felt like I was on a spaceship floating in outer space. The lightning bugs were crazy!

I only ever tried shrooms once, brewed into lemonade. I did lsd that night, too. Went to see Procol Harum & Jethro Tull. Wooweee…what a night. A group of us ended up laying out in my friend’s front yard for hours, just floating in a sea of soft, fragrant summer grass, staring up at the stars.

Did my share of candyflipping, too.

Fast forward 10 years to 2005, and one of my friends was experimenting with a few psychedelics such as dmt, 4aces, and another that started with an e. Dmt took me completely out of this dimension & myself: it was the most terrifying experience of my life. I really enjoyed the 4aces & the other, though. That same friend also gave me a sugarcube; after being away from lsd for so long, my brain was definitely rusty as to how to react, but it wasn’t a bad trip, just intense.

Fast forward to now: I think my brain would rebel if I tried anything like that. I look back fondly on my tripping days, but herb is definitely all I need to be happy, now.

Sorry to chime in! I never get to reminisce about those crazy days. All your posts just took me back.


Perfectly said. No “bad” trips, “strange” , and intenses at times,but not bad. Good vibes. Lol when i was younger, and didnt have kids that tester gig. would have been right up my alley! @blackthumbbetty
" When to HIGH for comfort stay calm my friend, gravity is on your side," :cactus::mushroom::cold_sweat::heart_eyes::clap::wink:


I used to go to my therapist, tripping my face off. Nobody ever knew. Lol! Oh, I can maintain…or people just think I’m a weirdo & roll with it. Probably a combo of the 2. :grinning:


Yeah i used to dose and go to high school, couldn’t image that now, but being in public never bothered me. My wife and i always joke about going to the baltimore aquarium and eating shrooms.


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