Magic mushrooms!


Couldn’t agree more! I’ve always had amazing trips!



See that’s why I’m hesitant. I have a messed up mind haha an I have a feeling that if I did, I would have a not so fun experience


You can’t go into it with those thoughts lol, but at the same time the biggest thing I try to stress to people when they’re thinking about acid is the people you’re around, and the actual environment you’re in. Nature can never do you wrong, trust me!

Also, while in your trip, you can navigate it. It might sound unrealistic, but it couldn’t be more true. At least for me it was, if I’m having a bad thought, it’s easily avoided by thinking of something else, or just letting someone know so they change the thoughts for you.

Acid is a beautiful thing, it opened my mind to things I never could imagine, even if someone described it to me lol. It’s an experience that I wish everyone could have. Shrooms always made me laugh and enjoy myself on another level, whereas acid always took me places in my mind. I love them though, I would have been a hippie if I was born in that era.



I can see that. Maybe one day


I agree, it’s the environment, people and your own mind.I wAs able to control the bad trip, also was not the fist time I mixed peyote with shrooms. It’s one of the best experiences that I have ever had. Your entire thought process changes like a worm in a cocoon, you will never understand until you try it.


Anyone remember the song “mushroom sense” by Strawberry Alarm Clock ?


@TxGrowman I don’t remember it but now I’m going to have to google it hahhaha


I mean that I’ve got some issues with ptsd that f with me when I’m not on psychedelics, haha


There you go. It was actually Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow

This is late 60’s music, the title track


Outta likes bro but I’d slap two down if they let me
Love the old school psycholodelic video lol
I know I miss spelled it hahaha


@latewood Oh you guys are working on something! count me as interested. I just started my first grow (some white widow from y’alls seedbank) in my closet, would love to get some magic mushrooms going, though I would need some guidance on how to grow them. This forum is the best for guidance, its my first grow, and I don’t even feel lost because of y’all.


Wise words my friend.


I think I found a reliable spore source. I’m going to buy it tomorrow, I’ll will keep yall posted once I get everything together


Thanks. We will be here if you need help! :slight_smile:


Any word on that source? I’m looking for spores to try and grow some magic shrooms :grin::yum:


Sorry for the late answer :frowning: I haven’t ordered the spores. I made a mistake and payed 600 on my power bill instead of 60 so I overdrafted my account lol. Next week I’ll get my paycheck and will be ordering. Whenever I get them I’ll give you a heads up!


Nice haha I’ve done that before dammit. What site are you using to order them I’m still kinda skeptical on some.


@Cocinero a few months ago a friend of mine started growing some and shared some with me. Hadn’t even seen any since I was a teenager.
He uses a herb grinder to turn them into powder and puts the powder in 100mg gell capsules.
That way you can “micro dose” and control which universe your in. Takes 10 to 15 minutes for each one to kick in.
I like 300mg to start and another 100mg every 3 to 4 hours keeps me on the edge but still able to function.


Whaaaat, your friend is a visionary lol. Back in the day I used to spread any sweet thing like Nutella in my Shrooms and swallow the whole thing, not the easiest way, tho. I have to do your friend’s thing! @hillbilly103


@Cocinero Yea he’s a real clinical laboratory scientist. The real deal, runs a major laboratory.
Reminds me of Walter White from Breaking Bad!!