Magic mushrooms!


I smoked some of my new crop that I dried early and it’s gonna be nice. Was thinking about my personal experiences with mushrooms. Crazy days ! !


Never tried em, but they’ve been on my bucket list along with a couple othwrs. I’ve only knocked one off my list do far. Haha


Ive never tried the magic kind


Well if you decide to try them @Hawkeye_diesel @deb1
Your in for a treat lol they are mellow from what remember so no worries about bad trips or anything like that just nice calm comfy happy feelings with lots of trails and colors I laughed a lot too but I guess it all about who your sharing with


yeah im always scared to try things like that, thats just me


Maybe one day, the only one I’ve been able to knock off my list was really random and a chance happening. I spent a few days in New Mexico with someone I worked with and her friends and we partied hard. That was last summer


I grew up with people who picked them (think my parents use to pick them when I was looking for regular ones!)
As far as mellow to intense… entirely depends on how you do them.
I’ve sat on top of a mountain (best picking experience so far) and found utterly tones! beautiful views, no wind, 2 for the box 3 for me type dealio… ahh it was bliss.
Now some people (and I) brew 1000s up and make it in to a pitch black liquid, and I can tell you - that shiz aint one bit calm! haha so a bad trip is possible - but I have never had a bad mushy trip personally.
My honest opinion after living where they grow and doing them a fair few times both ways - eat and pick, best experience possible, and you feel the intensity going up - also its super natural, unaltered and awesome. (AND LEGAL)


Ahhh deb, I have legit had the most beautiful and terrifying (recently terrifying) experiences on psychedelics - and when or if you are ever ready, visit wales, or somewhere beautiful and pick and eat.
You can imagine its like having a toke of a joint, and then leaving it 5 mins, and then another toke, and another after 5 mins - so you can feel every inch of the effects, its not like swallowing a half oz of medical that got baked into one browny and your suddenly like OOOHHMYYYFUDGGEE im off my cup cake haha
Just saying, its the mildest most sensible (scaredy cat friendly) possible way :slight_smile: that I know of.


I live 5 min from northern Mexico, the landscape is notoriously known for mushrooms and peyote, never had a bad trip until one day that I was visiting a buddy of mine at his rattlesnake ranch. Personally won’t trip where there are any things that can attack or harm you and you’ll be fine.


lol Id be in hospital having half an oz @McLovin777 so australia is out then @Mrcrabs everything here can lead you to something bad lol. Oh and you americans can keep ya rattlesnakes


In that case we’ll keep the rattlers, y’all keep the insanely buff Kangaroos haha


im more scared of the red backs lol


What are those?


snakes I believe


redbacks are spiders =black widow
red belly black snakes are the snakes


Yeah I don’t mess with black widows either or fiddle backs haha


I always think when i pick up ma pot please dont be a redback there. what are fiddle backs? same thing?


I don’t blame ya there


Once somebody told me, there is not bad trips, there are just bad travelers. That’s the thing about stuff like shrooms and LSD, if your mind if messed up you are most likely to have a bad trip. The environment is also important, when doing psychedelics you might want to be surrounded with people that you trust and no that annoying friend that are always doing bad jokes. You should do psychedelics if you want to find a spiritual experience or just for the fun of being able to “see the music coming out of the speakers” lol. But never be scared, that will mess you up.


I agree with that 100 % I’ve never had a bad trip myself but I’ve always surrounded my self with fun people when tripping