Magic mushrooms!


Hello fellas, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about psychedelic mushroom so if I’m not, I’ll delete the post hahaha. The thing is that I have been researching and growing magic mushrooms is not to hard and I want to do it as a side project (I use them for meditation once in awhile) so if there is somebody with some knowledge about this matter or somebody interested we can share our thoughts :slight_smile:


As long as you do not post links to sale pages; You are OK. The company is working on a similar project for the near future. Have fun! :slight_smile:


You mean Robert’s mushrooms? This is something I totally look forward to see :grin:


Supposedly, buying spores for these types of mushrooms is completely legal. You just can’t grow them lol :wink::wink::wink::laughing:

I’m definitely interested as well though, so I’ll totally be watching this thread!



I’ll be getting some spores by next week. I’m trying to investigate a lot to see what’s the best source. Apparently they are no to complicated to grow and is pretty fast as well, like a harvest every 2 weeks. Also they need no light or perfect environment.


Humm I just saw found this thread interesting what latewood stated
Also I haven’t had mushrooms in years myself
Will follow this if you keep it up once you get spores ? And where did you get them ? Can you order them like seeds @Cocinero


I had a friend in the military who was a full blooded Najavo indian. He used them as part of a religious ceremony as I recall. He gave me some and I was glad I did it on a Friday. Lost the next day completely. Was told I had a great time. Remember some pieces but overall, pretty blurry.

Would love to grow some. Please tag me, I would like to follow this ! Jerry


@Countryboyjvd1971 @TxGrowman hey guys! Thank you for your interest! I haven’t had mushrooms in years, last time I had some was in my home country (where you can get a pound of weed for less than a 100 bucks) lol. You can get the spores the same way you get seeds, pretty much the same delivery system. Some of the providers will even get you some kind of plastic container with the special soil and the spores in a syringe. But not additional light or expensive set up is needed. The syringe full of spores ranges between 30 bucks (the more expensives comes with the plastic container and grow medium)


That’s interesting @Cocinero I never thought about growing :mushroom:
I’m not sure I could even handle it anymore lol but I remember it being a nice enjoyable high nothing like the crazy ride of lsd
If you decide to do a journal or thread tag me I’d like to see the process


I live in south Texas, ranch country, lots of cow pastures. Week or two after a good thunder storm,it’s mushroom hunting. Just have to ask permission if it’s ok with the ranch owner


Back in the time my dad use to do the same lol.


Definitely, I’ll be getting the spores by next week and I’ll keep you posted


Off the topic, came across one of these on my wild mushrooms hunts


Is that peyote?


Yes, found it a couple years ago, the cows stomped all the other ones, the sole survivor.


This thread just reminded me of a memory of going mushroom hunting as a kid with my mum and aunties, so thankyou


I had friends in fla that did exactly that I remember visiting and they would have gallon size zip locks in freezer full of shrums lmao


Your a lucky boy @Mrcrabs
Love the screen name haha


This forum is getting wild hahaha. I’m about to light a J and start sharing memories


Any thought about my daisies?

I just trained them so they look kind weak but they usually pick it up in a couple of hours. The older plant looks kind of weird but I think is because I massacred her when I was experimenting, but is a bag seed so I don’t regret at all.