Magic mushrooms


It makes certain past times tough. But, all worth it. like I said previously, I had done a extract with 153 proof grain alcohol. I used 12 grams of dried, ground p. Cubensis. All said and done, 22 ml (1/2 shot) is equal to 4 grams. Maybe tonight… Oh, and when I did the extract, I took the alcohol and brought it to the shroom line, and covered the rest with cannabis tincture to help the flavor.


Sounds like you made “oh, f**k all this” meds lol


Absolutely. Plus I was curious of what side effects it would alleviate. (Stomach cramps, nausea, paranoia, etc.)


On a different note guys

The L.W., Peyote, looks like it will turn out to be fakes. I ordered 3 different strains from a reputable source last week. They only sell fresh seeds with 90% germination rate.
My Trichocereus Pachanoi, San Pedro, cactus are coming along nicely. Those are the ones that “Y” at top. They are looking good for a month old.
Next I wanna find some T. Peruvians, Peruvian Torch. They are faster growing like the San Pedro, but with lots more Mescaline content than any other cactus. I found a grower that sells 5-8 lbs cuttings from an original 1950’s import. I just can’t pay $80 for one right now.


Peyote grows in Rio Grande City Tx on the border. I used to live close by RGC. Native Americans come from as far away as Montana to get peyote. Its the only place it’s available that I know of.


RGC is also a drug smugglers paradise. You have to be careful and watch your back in that part of Texas.


@Grinder0327 I was born and raised in those areas, my grandmother is from Roma and grandfather from Froton, it’s getting scarce, but yes it grows wild in these areas. Smugglars paradise sound bout right my friend. Local news reporting hundreds of pounds found daily in stash houses, just an everyday thing around here.


Hey, isn’t all the rain gonna bring us anything fun. I have mrooms in my yard. Wrong kind


After the rain they should start popping out. I haven’t gone shroom hunting in a while @bryan, here’s my peyote enjoying some rain

we got a few down pours last night


I lived in Weslaco for 12 years and worked on South Padre island. Home invasions are a common occurrence. Once word gets out a house has a load of drugs they get a gun in their face and get robbed.


Yes, there is so much dope around me but I stay away from any type of dope business, I only smoke with family, gots to watch out for the kick door crews around here. So cool I have family out that way, towards Mcallen, Donna area. We used to go to Weslaco for horse races and Mercedes for rooster fights, We love SPI great vacation spot for fishing. @Grinder0327


My daughter lives in Donna now with the ex-wife. I miss the food down there. The Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio have the best TexMex around imo. And I grow to smoke not to sell. To much BS with trying to sell.


Yes I agree with the food, I spent a couple months working out of town and I was missing the food. Its about that time for the smoker to be put in use.


Found wild shrooms today , just not the right type. Looked close, but ring on stem was white, not purple. Will try again in couple days


There is a new book by Michael Pollan, HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND–New research done–using it now for addiction and manic depression. They want to legalize it…interesting book–wellwritten!!!


Kool, sounds like an interesting book, thanks for info my friend


Came across this today while researching cacti. Excellent site!!!


I know there are mushrooms somewhere here in South Texas especially with all the weather we have been having


I wish you luck my friend. :slightly_smiling_face: no doubt they’re in Texas! Look for peyote while you search. I’m growing San Pedro cacti now. Much easier for me to grow outside and fast. Fun to just take mescaline from time to time. I just planted 3 strains of peyote that will eventually get grafted onto the San Pedro.


I noticed shrooming coming to about an end. I did wind up with about 130 grams this year. At about a half hour a day. Mostly p. Cubensis. But I did get about 20 grams of blue meanies too. All dry weight.