Magic mushrooms


But I still don’t know what to do after you put spores into the bag.


All the help you need can be found here:


Thank you for the help


Hey @Mrcrabs got my Peyote seeds in today. I had already started some Myrtillocatus for root stock. Good thing I ordered 30 more. I intend to do some grafting in a few years to speed up their growth cycle.


So cool brother, I’m thrilled for you, great score on all them seeds, good luck and keep me posted


Did you ever try to self pollinate yours? I had @SmoknGranny post the video for me during my TOS ban last week.


I saw the video, but when I got the brush and went for a try the flower was shut and shriveled up, waited for next morning but didn’t open, I’m hoping the bees did me the favor. @Budbrother


Check out post #42 @Johnzy81 search that forum for cluster headaches. Psilocybin has been proven extremely effective on cluster headaches. I know it has saved the life of 2 different friends of mine.


Thank mate, I have been doing some research on them they say its all about getting the amount just right like most of with I have came across more often was to only take enough to just get the bright light effects from them a little trail and error and I’m sure il get it zoned in :v:️.


@elheffe702 @Stoneythetiger420


Thanks for the tag. I’ve been picking the p. Cubensis for about a month and a half. Even brought home some mycelium covered patties and brought them home and harvested another 20 or so.

was also lucky enough to find some blue meanies.


I have no idea what I’m looking at, but it’s beautiful. I’m guess it’d make for an interesting salad…


Are they as simple as dark, moist, and they grow?


They’re nicknamed blue meanies. (Panaeolus cyanescens) grow in cow dung also. I was told they are 10x stronger than a regular p. Cubensis. I actually found some today. But be careful. They have a poisonous look-a-like. And will grow right in the middle of a patch of meanies. Even if I’m positive on identity, ill still do a spore print. Blue meanies have a black spore prints and insane blue bruising.


Blue meanies used to be everywhere around here. We used to get up early and grab trash bags full of them. Then the farmers started feeding something to make them stop growing. Then I met a friend who’s dad had 80 head. We both agreed to feed them daily. Story shorter, we had to buy 5x rack dehydrators to keep up and store shrooms for winter. Then I bought a kit from High Times. Now I have a friend that provides me. I hope this tutorial helps someone. This is one of the best tutorials I’ve seen/used.


I see that in the photo now. Very nice. Do you dry them, or just eat them fresh like that?


I dry. Mainly because I need to keep a level head most the time; for my kids and my job. Who new this whole “adulting” thing would be so boring? Haha. I have to be selective about when I take them. It also lets me use my trip as to journey into myself.


Boring? My kids are anything but boring lol


Mine either… Lol. But with 5 all together, between 2 and 14 years old, brother, they aren’t going to make a trip easy.


That sounds like it IS a trip. Mine are 10, 9, and 2. About the same spread.