Magic mushrooms


This way is an intense trip


I respect that sacred plant, when used correctly, with the right people you should be pleased with the outcome of your trip.


There is a reason they still have certified shaman that do this…

If you watch the peyote episode of Hamiltons pharmacopia, it talks about there still being 6 legal shaman from San Antonio to Laredo that can still take you through a peyote trip


Kool I will check that out. The shaman was a rattlesnake farmer that claimed peyote was an anti venom against rattlesnake bites. He had been bite many times never, got medical attention and had many scars to prove his bites. Till this day, he will cure you with herbs and plants.


On the left is my San Pedro, which was also found growing wild.


@TDubWilly checking out the hamiltons,awesome documentary. My grandmother is from the outskirts or Rio Grande City, its hard to find growing wild but my grandfathers friends that are still alive, have cow pasture, I’ve seen patches of peyote trampled by the cows such a shame.


So do you just crushed the dried mushroom up and smoke it in something?

No, I think it’s just a simple alcohol extraction. You dry and powder it, boil with 191 proof ethanol for a while, filter out and discard the mushroom powder, then let the alcohol evaporate. You end up with very concentrated stuff you can put in little capsules or smoke. You could probably snort it too, if you were into that. That’s what natives do with DMT extract and DMT is almost identical chemically.


Wow, I been picking em for years and have never heard this!! I don’t think I could handle more potency than eating them LMAO. I watched some stuff about DMT. Some of those people go a good ways down the rabbit hole too.

I don’t eat them much anymore. My allergies go berserk on them. But you know how they say laughter is the best medicine? I’ve had a couple of psilocybin trips where I laughed for like 5-6 straight hours. At the end of those nights I can’t tell you how stress free I felt lol.


Laughing: Yeah, that’s what I always took away from a mushroom trip. Taking them with a girl friend was pretty nice, too!

Of course that was 40 years ago. Now I’m a crusty old-timer. A little bit of THC does me wonders in my old age.


Speaking of DMT that is on my bucket liat as well as ayahuasca. My friend had a buddy with bad ptsd, depression and anxiety he took a trip down to South America and tried the ayahuasca and said it changed his life.


I just watched the Hamilton’s Ph on San Pedro…

I didn’t even know what that was lol, that’s cool stuff also.


Im jealouse of that peyote; i used to grow 5star and purivan torches… Ive been eyeing cati seeds latey. And those little mushrooms u sprouted are common house plant mushroom. They sometimes grow bright yellow. They are known for coming up in potted house plants.


Not to jump into your conversation, but yes u can smoke psilocybin, DO NOT SMOKE MUSHROOMS! Inhaleing mushroom spores of any kind will make u sick, cause infections in your lungs.
This is interesting topic, thanks. @Mrcrabs i used to keep my san pedro’ or 5stars under my hps lights and they loved it. After I’d harvest some, I’d throw them under the lights for a few months. I think its very cool you’ve found them in the wild.
These are “Cambodian Cubesis”, a buddy grows em’ … Its hard with kids and full time job to have hours to sit and laugh at each other, but its good for the soul, good medicine, works great in bringing relationships back together, closer, happier, after the stresses of life build up,to eat with your significant other.


So awesome that your friend grows them. We just got rain, so I’m gona ask my buddie to pick some for me and I will have him a good bag of smoke.


Thanks you so much, I really value that peyote a lot. I’m not growing it to eat it, it’s more to preserve an existing plant that’s is vanishing here in its natural habitat. Now the San perdro, a piece will be cut now and then ,since they grow so fast and I will make a San Pedro Smoothie.


Whuzzup peeps. How did I just now think to search mushrooms on a MJ forum!? Good job, thinkin bong, yer did it again.

Love this subject almost as much as cannabis. Really enjoyed catching up on this thread and set it to watching. Love the peyote @Mrcrabs I’ve enjoyed a button or 30 in my days. LSD was an EVERY Fri & Sat night thing for a decade; sadly only a few times a year now. Went the DMT route but never tried iowaska. Total bucket list at the top-ish. Love Love Loved Mescaline.

Shrooms, can’t say enough. I was already a big fan of psychedelics. Picking them since high school. Even gave the cows sweet feed with molasses in 4H class and produced many over the years. Cows and shrooms everywhere around Florida, but most farmers have all added something to stop the shrooms.

Now I digress, LSD & psilocybin have a medical use for cluster headaches. A friend of mine started growing shrooms for that very reason. He has had to play with the dosing, but he has had great success with the prevention of his cluster headaches. Only gets a the occasional one every now and then; whereas before he would get them daily.

It would be amazing if ilgm started selling spores!! Until then there’s this


Awesome brother, yes love the pychdeliecd myself, sooory to here about your fields and what they don’t to prevent shrooms. We haven’t had much rain at all so I haven’t done any hunting for shrooms. But I have never tried growing that will be something new to get into . Thanks for info.emphasized text


Hey yall, if a person had a spore print and a prepared bag of sterilized sawdust substrate, what would they do next? Do I put spores into agar petri dish first?


I wish I could help but never grown shrooms before, sorry @bryan, but @Budbrother might know more than I do and that magizine if you zoom in has kits im looking into it right now!


Yes thank you for sharing that ad. I’m always curious about trying something new for my headaches and chronic pain. I’ll be watching as all post and discuss. Thank you very much. I would be more inclined to try one of those kits then to search for those mushrooms on my own. Thank you for sharing this is really interesting.