Magic mushrooms


I think I sprouted some magic mushrooms!! I use chicken, rabbit, cow manure and veggies compost. Water only with rain water and the cow manure must of had shroom spores​:mushroom::mushroom::mushroom:. A pleasant suprise.

Shrooms - smoking, drying & storage

I hope your not planning on eating those Psilocybin mushroom are much flatter and dark brown i lived in northern fla in madison and could find in cow pastures but they look cool


Thanks for the info, i wasn’t sure if they were or not. My buddy who has a pasture always picks bags of them. He told me that the ones that are good to eat, are the one that stem turns dark to a touch when damaged. Is there any difference between the mushrooms found in Florida pastures and Texas pastures @Rexx ?


Be very careful: Other, poisonous mushrooms also bruise blue just like psilocybin mushrooms. And the usual way people find out that some mushrooms they ate were poisonous is they get really sick, go to the hospital, and die because it’s too late to do anything.

A lot of common mushrooms are that deadly. People who pick and eat wild mushrooms may think they are experts but they tend to die the most. Some non-poison mushrooms look exactly like deadly ones.

The only magic mushrooms I would eat would be raised from a company’s spore-print or culture. These are very easy to buy.


Thanks @1BigFella, I’m not much of a shroom expert, my buddy that is,said he wouldn’t even think about eating them, we will go picking at one of his favorite pasture as soon as we get rain. I trust his judgment he’s been pick for about 20yrs now, that’s a pic of my favorite find. A peyote that survived not being trampled by his cows, it actually grew 3 buttons but saw one eaten up by my rooster, he never picked at the peyote again.


They say we have a lot of magic mushrooms here in the prairie pastures but I don’t make it out there to see, chiggers are not my friends. I remember reading something on this forum from well over a year ago I believe where someone was talking about Magic Mushroom kits and someone from this forum, I do not remember who it was but a moderator or someone like that who said that ILGM was working on something like that, cannot remember the context but apparently nothing further has been done, or I haven’t heard about it. Tried magic shrooms once back in the 70’s and it was amazing, except for the taste!! :green_heart: :seedling:


I live in Texas, I can pick them almost year round on the coast between Corpus and Houston, as you move north of there it really becomes only East Texas that you find them…

As luck would have it there is also still peyote growing in Texas as you go down towards Laredo, much harder to find than psilocybin though.

You definitely don’t have magic mushrooms there. I would pick them and chunk them…

Cool peyote plant, it takes awhile for them to grow that big


It’s been a while for me also, but hoping spring will bring some showers and hoping my buddy picks a batch or two.


My buddy said they were no good and so they been tossed.


You don’t need years to identify them. Two trips into a field to pick them with someone who knows what they are looking for and you’ll pick the right ones every time :wink:


Yes next time I go I’m going to try not to be so medicated and pay more attention. Ha ha


You need to watch out for the death cap which is amanita pholloides or something like that, which looks nothing like psilocybin and there is another one that I don’t remember its name but it doesn’t look anything like it either.

Indicators for the right ones:
1 bruise blue
2 black ring around the stalk about halfway up
3 copper color on the cap
4 dark spore release fans underneath
5 never eat anything with a hollow stalk

Now sometimes they might be missing a characteristic like the black ring depending on the type if psilocybin so it pays to familiarize yourself with them.

Biggest rule: when in doubt, don’t eat it.

But you could also post a pic and I could tell you if is the right one or not lol :sunglasses: :+1:


Hell yeah thanks, I sure will as soon as we get some rain and go searching and yes peyote was found near Laredo.:+1:t3::+1:t3:


LOL, that’s about the only place on earth you can find it in the wild anymore


I haven’t been that way in a long time but im sure if you look you can find.


Eating peyote is a horrible experience. Why do it when you can have a much nicer trip with MMDA and it’s a hell of a lot easier to get. Very similar chemically, but no nasty cactus to eat. Tried it decades ago. Wish I hadn’t.

On the other hand, mushrooms are great. Did you know you can smoke the psilocybin extract? Very nice and you can feel it immediately. Aphrodisiac, too!


You will never see god a mmda


I never saw God on peyote, either. I did see a lot of puke, my stomach hurt for months, and I had a very mediocre trip. Not worth it when simple extracts are so easy to do and don’t make you sick.

I took 6 hits of LSD once. Didn’t see God, but no puke I’m not religious, so I don’t expect I would ever see God.


How did you prepare you peyote? Did you eat raw, or dry it out. The first time I ate peyote I tried it raw and it sucked, it was lame and made me fell sick. Told my buddy (67 yr old shaman healer from Mexico) that It was no good. Next visit I drank a tea from a dried pulverized concoction of peyote that tasted sweet and sour like a limonade. I didn’t puke and had the most mind bending trip I have ever had. It lasted over 24 hrs, trust me not for beginners. I had hallucinating visions, very deep thoughts and in my opinion no other drug has had that effect.


I’ve ingested them a coupe of different ways and I did not know this. Making tea was the worst thing ever, I couldn’t handle the taste so my preferred method was to dry and eat, which is still pretty bad.

So do you just crushed the dried mushroom up and smoke it in something?