Magic mushrooms online

Has anyone had any success ordering magic mushrooms online and having them shipped to an address in the US? If so can you please give me name of website? Thanks!

Are you talking spores or actual mushroom shipping?

I’ve used Neptune for spores

Hello, I don’t live in US so I cannot say with any certainty but there are many sites that will sell you mushroom grow kits. It’s possible to order many different varieties of mushy spores pre-loaded in syringes to assist in a sterile transfer to the growing medium.
If you want to skip the rewarding method then it’s basically not that different to buying any illegal drug online. You’ll have to peruse the ‘dark’ web and find a marketplace. If you choose the latter option, I recommend you do your research on covering your tracks and research online security etc, if it’s obvious you’re a bit green in a dark web sense you can become an easy target. Thats not a dark web site, nor a marketplace. Its a site that you’ll be able to get grow kit and spores, and it really is more rewarding.

I just realised that I have assumed that shrooms are illegal in the US, if they are in line with medical cannabis you may be able to buy online. If still illegal, I stand by my original recommendation. Generally seeds are not illegal, same goes for mushy spores. I think.
Good luck.