Magic Butter Machine

I was curious if anyone has used this to make Butter/Oil?

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I have but not for butter or oil yet.

I got it for Christmas (yes, my kids thought it was bizarre getting me something to process my weed). I didn’t have a bunch of weed to use with it since I freaked out and made keif out of mine at harvest last year but I plan to use it a lot after this years harvest. I did try a tincture with Everclear with some dispensary flower. Process was super easy…can’t say a lot about the tinctures end result as it was nasty and tough to get down. Will work on another version of that recipe as it was like doing shots of moon shine (insert shutter here). I did do a great batch of infused honey though and it was so much easier that a crockpot/mason jar method. Can’t wait for my harvest so I can use it some more. I would say the only down side is the smallest batch you can do is two cups of whatever it is you are making.


I’ve made butter twice with some pretty poor weed and once with really good weed. The poor weed took a tablespoon of butter to get high, the really good weed took a teaspoon for the same effect. It is VERY easy and a timesaver. Easy clean up as well. Oh yes, also made coconut oil as well, that tasted pretty good and got me really stupid in about an hour.


Awesome! I’m thinking that I might have to get one of these. I was looking at the hair straightener to get wax and that seems extremely inefficient as far as how much it takes to receive wax.