Made Bubble Hash. Now What?

Hey gang.
So, just turned my trim from 3 harvests (12 plants) into bubble hash. Ran mix once and got back 7g. Placed a 25 micron sheet on a towel, spooned the mix from last 3 bubble bags on sheet, folded and hand pressed dry like instructions stated.

Now what? Am I done? It dry and ready? And how do I smoke it? I see on YouTube people press with a hot wine bottle into rosin and make temple balls. But then they smoke it from a “rig”. I’m not into all that. Old school here.

Can I just slap some in a bowl or joint? Any “old school” ways to smoke it without using a straight up crack rig?

I’ve only had hash once probably 20 years ago. And from after trimming myself, I can say it was scissor hash. We put it on a pin, lit corner, placed a Mason jar over it until it filled with smoke. Then took a bendy straw and tilted jar and sucked out the smoky goodness. But this stuff is different. Don’t think it will burn like that. Or am I wrong?

Any advise on moving forward from here be much appreciated.


Its just hash so our old school ways work.


I’ll use all the micron from 180 all the way down to 25 It separates all the plant matter. And your hash will be a lot darker. You smoke it in a bowl or old-school get A close pin Poke a piece of hash and light it up. But I like to put it in a bowl or a bong.


NICE…. yep, smoke it in anyway, shape or form you like……your ready to goooooo…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


And dont forget you can rosin press bubble hash too, personally id just super boost a bowl of good herb in the banger of a bong


Thanks guys. Gonna try some after work today. Now I’m getting excited…lol

Make sure that you let it air dry for a few days. The product with oxidize and darken over time. Judging hash strictly off the color is a very poor way.
You can go above and beyond this stage. You could press it roll (de-carb it) and roll it into Templar balls. This is a great way to make it smoke alittle smoother and to cure. It is also the best way for storage.

take some kief and roll it with your hands - may want to wear nitrile gloves

as old school as you can get


This piece from a Puck made in a pollen press.

Real ole school was to put it in your shoes and walk around for a couple of days. Ummmm Boy! Especially when you get a mential pic of the individual that did that Ewe! But sure smoked good! With no socks and plenty of toe jam. Btw thats a nice piece of hash there!


Thats how you properly cure cheese strain bubble hash LOL

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In Afganistan and general area they put it In the shoes and God knows where else.

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I bet this guys shoes are filled.

I understand why they smoke the hash and opium. If i had to eat that goat for dinner I’d have to be real high as well!!

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Yes In The Army the best hash was black leboenes very dark black with dots of opuim all in it. Never thought about how or where they put it to work it. 20 bucks a huge hunk o hash we could get last 2 weeks @Audiofreak @Storm @HippieRunner1 @GreenSnek @Ramblinjoe


In the 70’s i got some “Black afgan” we called marble cake as it wad jet black with streaks of Opium running thru it. You didn’t light it at a party cause everyone would fall out! LOL


I love infusing my bud. Pack a nice tight bowl half-way I place Bubble hash then finish packing my bowl. Spark Enjooooooooooooy!!:crazy_face:

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Great topic. I took all my popcorn buds and a bunch of trim and put them in the freezer overnight. The next day I went to get some dry ice. I was thinking on my way to the ice factory of what to say if they ask why I need it again. This was my third time there in a month. Sure enough he asks, “are you going on a trip?” I replied, " Nope, I’m making hashish." What a heart-felt laugh I got out of the guy. Anyway, when I got home, I put the dry ice on small piles of weed in the Trim Tray. I line the bottom with parchment paper, give it a few shakes and scrape up the goods. I squish it a little bit and let it dry a bit over night. I thought about pressing it in a vice, but then I figured why bother? All my life I had to heat it and crumble it up to put it into a joint.