Made a Rookie Mistake

So, recently, I thought my dog ate my seedling. Long story short, I usually have my pots with my gals in them on a table. It began to rain and I put them by my front porch where it’s safe. Anyways, it wasn’t my dog. It was the A/C drain that drains several drops of water that caused the soil to move. I searched for my baby girl and moved the top center mound of soil where she was located at, but couldn’t find her. It wasn’t till I realized that it was the a/c drain. The seedling is still in the pot, but has been displaced like a homeowner in the ghetto going through gentrification in their neighborhood. Is the seedling a lost cause or is there still a chance? I planted her 3mm in the mound of soil. She should still be about less than an inch in the soil, but no idea where. What do you think?


So you can’t find it? Did it have any leaves yet?

no. it was germinated with a tail. about to sprout. Out of the three seedlings the AK47 sprouted. this one that was lost in the soil was on the verge, possibly, of sprouting.

I think the chances are excellent that it will survive as long as it didn’t dry out.