Madder than a pit viper (video fail)

I bought this cool little Brinno tlc time lapse construction camera and put in some regular AA batteries to highlight my latest stardawg project. I came back to it about 8 days later and tapped the button to see progress and it was still on showing full battery life and just thought I’d let it do it’s thing. Dumb idea. It lasted 3 more days. So the beauties we in full flower standing tall and I thought I’d check. Put in new batteries because it was dead and thought I missed just a bit. Missed all of the good stuff. So now it’s on its usb charger permanently in the other tent pointed at some two week old critical + 2.0 photos.
Just wanted to share my rant with people who understand these things.


I lost 6 months of photos (family stuff, too) that was on my phone that took a ride off the car right as we merged onto the highway. I feel your pain, brother.

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