Mad Scientist University is now open


M.S.U. (Mad Scientist University) now actually has a location and it’s a 10x10x7 tent. This is going to be fun and a lot of veggies and maybe 1 hidden grow. Now the real testing can begin.


That be a good size tent wish i had room for one that size id be all over it


Barely fits in garage. Kinda stupid how I have to “gorilla grow” veggies cause I don’t want neighbors thinking I’m growing pot. This country is so messed up



:wink: Not the country, Bro. The government.



How cold does the floor get just asking cause it could matter later


Don’t know. Have everything up 18" off floor cause I’m tired of bending over and it’s veggies and height not issue

It’s Florida so I have ac and was 88 in garage I’m more worried about heat


Crazy bro crazy tent LOVE THAT SHIT :heart::heart::heart::metal::metal::metal:


Oh okay thats good idea
With that size tent heat should be easy to control with the right intake and exhaust fans
I think youll do great good luck cant wait to see how it works out


The orange peppers are popping up


@Brian091180 thanks going to be fun. Also terpinator dose work I gave to tomatoes just once and all fruit was nasty bitter. Pumped them up with oils big time.


@Matt_auto, Love that Krewella Bud pic !!


thanks @FyshhTrap i love beauthifull buds


Just ordered a ton of different kinds of tomatoes. I hope customs let’s them through. Ha…Wait…Man oh well it’ll be worth the wait to grow the good stuff


Me seeds made it. Time to get cracking


@Givemefire have fun brother HAPPY GROW​:metal::metal::metal:


@Matt_auto it will and thanks. I’m going to have to at least grow 1, cause I’m a rebel


So I guess you can reinvent the wheel. New flow system come soon