Maching up strains to grow

iam starting this topic to help me, decide on the two strains to grow together . But id like to stick to these strains from from Roberts and AMS … Gold-leaf ,blue berry, strawberry kush, pineapple haze , super silverhaze, purple haze , AK-47. Biannca, Borderliner EXTRM ,Rainbow Kush all feminized . . My basics are this , 7wideX14longX6.5ft high , DWC, WELL Water 750 ppm Coinsurer nutes ph perfect no co2, yes dehumidifier hps lighting 3 X 600 watt solis tech systems… HELP ME TO DECIDE . only two at a time .:door: = :evergreen_tree: HEHE :grin:

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WELL Water 750 ppm
[/quote] I hope that’s not your water’s ppm?

yes it is – i have to feed very carefully ph is 6.7 - 7.0

On that note iam going to order Two new meters , A PH meter and ppm meter , mine are getting dated .

I guess you don’t need to worry too much about minerals then lol or do you use an RO unit that’s a damn high start ppm before nutrients?


Yea that’s actually where my waters ppm starts at as well. Using a Brita filter, for drinking water, only gets the ppm down to about 6-700 ppm. It’s hilarious how much the Brita filter DOESNT take out. But anyway, I don’t have a RO unit, and was wondering what else I could do? Should I go buy tons of gallons of water so I can use that? I looked into RO units, but I don’t have $200+ right now. Any suggestions?

I would say pineapple haze and purple haze, that sounds good since they’re both haze and both fruity. Or maybe the blueberry and strawberry Kush? I personally am just growing my first fruity strains too.

RO units can be purchased for less than you would pay over a grow for water and they are good for years to come the other option is adding inline filters to house water supply I have single inline carbon filter it dropped ppm by almost 60 but there are multi stage filters

this is on my wish list but I have seen better units for less :wink:

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Thanks Donald, I wouldn’t really know where to start when it comes to purchasing a RO unit, but I will look into it. I drink a ton of water myself, so this would be great just to have for myself! If you stumble upon those units that are better and cheaper, I’d love to know haha!

CL is always my first look. See them (RO Unit) for less then 50 often

Another option: Since I use a De-humidifier during flower I
have found it will produce 1.5 Gal of less then15 PPM water
a day. When not using for Flower Room I just run it in another
part of the house. Approx 10 gal a week enough for my small

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actually i do worry about it but have managed to work wiyh it over the years. for instance back when i grew in pro mix ,BX. i could use the soil only twice cause of the mineral build up . looking at a compact, but fast operating system ."it must be able to keep my water running fast enough so hose wont freeze . when fillin 200 gallons. every 2-1/2 - 3 weeks. i need to do more research done laid out 3.grand .for this go round . ro may have to wait . but i really really want one . it would allow me to feed them a much bigger meal

HAHA hey ktree420 ,like the handle… what iam attempting to do is mactch up two of the strains i got from Roberts amd AMS, iam looking at size, shape, OAL time .heavy or lite feeders, stretch. etc. WAS hoping to help folks out in picking strains for their grow area…

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gonna post a pict of the room see if that helps… rite now iam leaning towards silver haze and borderliner extrm. haven’t soaked the beans yet .any last minutes of thought … the pict is the last grow at the start, new lites now n :anguished:


I can’t offer any input on which strains to grow together but if you do go with the borderliner let me know how it grows. I have been eyeballing it for months now, but I have so many other seeds in storage waiting for use first lol

Probably the two biggest considerations when matching strains to grow together, depending on how you expect to grow them is, the total size expected from each strain might need to be similar, i.e. indicas with indicas and sativas with sativas, for an even canopy and often growing similar strains together is even more important than size in that they have similar flowering lengths, so that they will finish at about the same time.


that is the reason i posed such tread . the points you raised are the reasons of my concern, heavy feeder’s vs light feeders. how much stretch when placed into flower .don’t want one half causing a over hanging canopy on the other side. it took me an very agonizing 6-8 to pick these strains from Bergman’s 7types and 2 from AMS plus 3 new lite systems .am about tapped out … Or id try to join the lab folks. peeped that portion of the forum .and it looks like something id definatly enjoy accomplishing . and a true wealth of info, hope the hydro part comes out soon. . then will sell my aging mother and join .lol

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Going with super silverhaze ,bergmans. and Borderliner EXTRM ams. and i mite still throw in 1-2 rainbow kush,ams… for color …wanted to go with purple haze and gold leaf but lost those 2 in transit . awaiting replacements . but i need to get a hammer put on this grow …:grin:

Excited to see what happens with the Borderline!

ill pin some photos as it goes. wish me luk :grinning:

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Have you grew any these guys beans yet and if so which ones??