MAC muffin & Watermelon Zkittles by Se7en

MAC muffin (TasteBudz) Photoperiod about 4 weeks old now topped and going to be trained like a monster

Watermelon Zkittles (Discreet Seeds) Photoperiod just went in the soil today more than likely will be topped also, will see what space I have with the MAC in there both will go in 4 gallon fabric pots. Bio bizz light mix soil, living soil fertiliser organic dry amendments nutrients :pray:t2:


Watermelon zkittles says hello

MAC muffin is back to stretching also :pray:t2:


Mac muffin week 6

Watermelon zkittles week 2

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MAC muffin

Watermelon Zkittles probably wanted transplanting shortly

MAC muffin doing great! Watermelon zkittlez gave up, but that doesn’t surprise me I wasn’t expecting it to last aslong as it did :rofl:

The watermelon I replaced with an auto Black Apple Fritter hopefully be out the ground in next couple days

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More training had to be done on the MAC muffin, I might top the four main branches again also, starting to grow unevenly on one side where I’ve been slacking with them :rofl: (daughter was in hospital for two weeks I nearly lost her) so they got neglected a while. But she’s gunna be a lovely plant in a few weeks time


So scary about your daughter!! May she be well and healing!

Plants look good!


Thank you bro :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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MAC muffin taking her shape finally getting ready to be flipped as I need the space now “failed” germs decided to germinate and sprout two weeks damn late :laughing::roll_eyes: (only me)

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She looking much better now

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