M.S.U. is moving on up

Here at M.S.U. we are shutting some doors and opening a whole new way to grow. Below the garage campus is closing so the space can be used for production.

We have moved testing to outside
Wait…What’s that under that tarp? Hmmm???
Our closet campus is going to get a total overhaul. Should be interesting.


Looks fun, for sure. Onward Thru The Fog, if I remember correctly.

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Hahahaha looks good :blush:
I should have gone to college :+1::v:

Everyone should go to some college. It’s never too late @Countryboyjvd1971. I’ve gone 4 times over the last 20 years.


Looks cool! Maybe I’ll move again and enroll. :smiley:


Sounds like you’re a professional student brother. I never wanted to go to college, high school was enough for me.


I would like to think I’ve moved from “student” to “academic”, but then I remember my Socrates:

“An intelligent man knows he knows nothing, and a wise man knows that only God has wisdom.” (Yes, he said God… Not gods… It’s what got him in the end, in a large part.)

I’m seriously thinking about going back and challenging another degree: horticulture.
I’ve been a hands in the dirt, grow your own food, produce as much of you can, experience nature in the beauty and reality of her total dictatorship and design, sort of guy for my entire life. Might as well get one more notch on the post, right? But… I have to get my kids off to college first. Who knows… the Universe has a funny way of providing if you just give it the chance.

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Yeah, sounds good an all, but I just don’t like school. The only thing that kept me from just gettin my GED was sports. I loved to play and I knew I had to make decent grades to play that was about it on me tryin to make.it through school. Ill.probably never go to college

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I’m good @DissidentPriest I do plenty of learning I really don’t need college I’m self taught inmost things except for my trade which I went to school and then did my apprenticeship and 25 years later I’m good
I learn what I’m interested in and lots of things I’m not life teands to make you learn if you don’t want to be left behind bro so yeah education is great but I truly don’t think college to be necessary
A college education doesn’t make a person smart
I know plenty of people with out degrees or even hs diplomas that I would say are much smarter than some of those I know with degrees
But I wouldn’t say it’s useless we all learn differently my friend


I look at it in a financial sense. Paperwork with silly little embossing, that say you know something, by people whose buhonkas you had kiss = more $$$$$$$ = more presence in the world of man. I play that system to some part. I hate most of it, but I play it. Lastly, because no clutter: one of the common traits of truly intelligent and great minds (MENSA, Rhodes, etc…) is the ability to self educate.


I hear you @DissidentPriest and your correct about the $$$$$ for most it’s a plus and I wasn’t knocking it I think a college education is a great experience for most who attend and yes it’s a means to a end
I learn better myself by trying and failing I can comprehend most subjects I have been engaged in with my own research but learn best hands on and as far as $ goes well it’s necessary evil and I’m lucky to be doing very well for my self as my wife does also she’s going for her masters degree now and knowledge is my key to success no matter howit was obtained I still take all training courses available to me for my trade and keep my skills sharp and fresh :+1:


Did 2.5 years way back at a community college and had to go to jail for cultivation of pot, so school kinda stopped.
M.S.U. Is Mad Scientist University, just imagine a cartoon version and this is M.S.U.

All the careers I’ve had I had to do the hard year free interns. Damn thoughs were tough, hell got me the best gigs ever. FOH, backline and studio recording. The others were film gigs and lighting. Miss that. Oh well

Tomorrow my closet is getting overhauled. Can’t wait to grow real plants, don’t get me wrong veggies are good. The high sucks!

Puff puff and have a good night


Mad Scientist University… I stand by my previous statement:

“Maybe I’ll move again and enroll.” :stuck_out_tongue:


So begins the closet tear down and setup. Not sure of which LEDs to hang. Also got my photoperiod lsd soaking in water. It feels good to be growing the real plants. I’ll post pics later.