M.I.L.K.: Out of the ManCave and Into the Wilds

Not so much. It was so humid- my leaves were succombing to blight. After a paltry crop I pulled them all and threw away. My replanted/second season tomatoes are just now blossoming.

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You’re area is soo freaking humid! My sister is in the Tampa area and complained to me all summer🤣. Of course it’s not much better where I’m at.

Its my first ever garden. But my gf said many fl gardeners are complaining it was a v shitty summer for vegetables! I mean worse than usual.
I can tell u i wont try to grow anymore zucchini, cucumber, melons or anything in that family. The wpm was ridiculous.


It was terrible here as well. My peppers are just now really doing something. We didn’t get a single squash of any type and usually we have so much more than we can possibly consume. I had to buy zucchini to make Mr Vet some canabutter zucchini bread. And 4 tomato plants may have produced 6 tomatoes.

I had to harvest the Ztarburzt tonight… they’re calling for a solid week of rains… :man_facepalming:

That’s the 2 coat hanger in the front…


Awesome :+1: Outmotherfreakingstanding :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:
I’m pushing the ones I got outdoors as far as I can

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I hope you get better weather than here my friend! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But if anybody can do it, I’d put money on you! :thinking:

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Supposed to be good at least for the next 10 days and we will go from there :v:


Thank you! :smile:

How many do you have outside still?

Now the only one outside is a Super Critical Bud CBD, but I put it out way too late and the buds haven’t developed yet…
But it’s nothing dramatic, I have another in full flower in my tent. So I’ll let her do her things and cross my fingers :crossed_fingers:


Thats awesome!

Thanks, I will have a lot more tomorrow. I need to finish trimming it now… :nerd_face:


Well then T.G.I.F !

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Tonight’s trimming session, courtesy of the Cherry Noir :cherries: :crazy_face:


Is this pre or post shake?

Congrats on the harvest Kap.
Very nice tray of nuggets brother. :clap::clap::clap:
And such primo smoke too. :drooling_face:
I really like the CN.